Vertrouw op technologische innovatie om nieuwe voordelen te vormen

Vertrouw op technologische innovatie om nieuwe voordelen te vormen

  De National Science and Technology Award is een banner, met de belangrijkste wetenschappelijke en technologische prestaties van mijn land, en prijst onze uitstekende wetenschappelijke en technologische talenten.

Op 3 november werd de 2020 National Science and Technology Award-conferentie gehouden in Beijing. We willen graag hun warme felicitaties uitspreken en oprecht op de winnende wetenschap en technologische werknemers! Wetenschap en technologie is gevestigd en het land is sterk.

Sinds het 18e nationale congres van de Communistische Partij van China heeft de kameraad Xi Jinping altijd gehandeld aan de kernstatus van innovatie in de algemene modernisering van de modernisering van mijn land.

Op basis van de nieuwe ontwikkelingsfase, implementeren van het nieuwe ontwikkelingsconcept, bouw een nieuw ontwikkelingspatroon, bevorder de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit, moet zich houden aan technologische innovatie, moet worden ontwikkeld in innovatie, afhankelijk van de wetenschap en technologie-innovatie om het ontwikkelingsvoordeel van China te vormen. Vertrouwend op de ontwikkeling van technologische innovatie om nieuwe voordelen te cre?ren, moeten we de nationale strategische wetenschap en technologie versterken.

Tegenwoordig ervaart de wereld een grote verandering in honderd jaar, en een nieuwe ronde van wetenschappelijke en technologische revoluties en industri?le transformaties zijn diepgaande ontwikkeling.

In het licht van ingewikkelde internationale situatie en steeds veeleisender concurrentie, moeten we de originaliteit versterken, het wetenschappelijke en technologische onderzoek leiden en resoluut de belangrijkste kerntechnologie winnen om de strijd aan te vallen.

De concurrentie van de wetenschap en technologie van de wereld, competitie is de nationale strategische technologie.

Sommige van de werknemers die nationale wetenschaps- en technologische beloningen hebben verkregen, sommige van nationale onderzoeksinstellingen, sommige van onderzoeksuniversiteiten op hoog niveau, sommige van wetenschap en technologie leiders, dit zijn een belangrijk onderdeel van de nationale strategische wetenschap en technologie.

  Vertrouwen op de ontwikkeling van technologische innovatie om nieuwe voordelen te cre?ren, de status van bedrijfsinnovatie te versterken. Onderzoek naar wetenschap en technologie moet naar de meest urgente, meest dringende vragen gaan.

Versterk de status van bedrijfsinnovatie, versnelt de constructie van leidende ondernemingen die leidt, High School Hospital Support, en innovatieve entiteiten die met elkaar communiceren, zal helpen innoverende productieketen dieptezekering.

Onder de prijzen zijn er veel prestaties die bedrijven en wetenschappelijke onderzoekseenheden hebben gemaakt, vele jaren van industri?le onderzoekssamenwerking hebben gemaakt en deze resultaten hebben een rijke economische en sociale voordelen.

  Vertrouwend op de ontwikkeling van technologische innovatie om nieuwe voordelen te cre?ren, is het noodzakelijk om de innovatie van wetenschappelijke en technologische talenten te stimuleren. Realiseer innovatie-stuurprogramma’s, talent is een kernelement.

Het is noodzakelijk om een ??hoog niveau van zelfverbetering van technologie te bereiken en terug te keren naar het hoge niveaus om te innoveren. Bouw van het wetenschappelijk onderzoek en innovatie van de wereldwijde uitstekende talenten, moet de hervorming van het wetenschappelijke en technologische systeem verder bevorderen, een geluidsevaluatiesysteem tot stand brengen dat voldoet aan de wetten van wetenschappelijke onderzoeksactiviteiten, zodat meer talenten komen, goed blijven . National Science and Technology Awards, het maakt deel uit van het wetenschappelijke en technologische talentevaluatiesysteem. Het nieuwe tijdperk is het tijdperk van worstelaars.

We moeten het nieuwe concept van ontwikkeling volledig implementeren, de sociale innovatie volledig stimuleren en potentieel cre?ren, meer wetenschappers, toonaangevende talenten, jonge talenten en innovatieve teams motiveren om het tij van de tijden te cre?ren, uitgebreid de nieuwe voordelen van China. .

Tianjin Baoyi District: "Environmental Region" expands high quality development space

Tianjin Baoyi District: "Environmental Region" expands high quality development space

Original title: "Environmental Region" expands high quality development space reporter learned from the press conference held yesterday’s Municipal Government, Tianjin Baodi District put "environmental zone" as a strategic task, in the business environment, The reform and innovation, the people’s housing has achieved significant results. The Baozhang District Party Secretary Yin is introduced that the district adheres to the five parties of the "Property City Jingwen" and developed the construction of Beijing-Tianjin Zhongguancun Science and Technology City.

At present, there have been accumulated more than 600 registered companies, 60 contract entity projects, 23 start and production, are national high-tech enterprises. Grab the Jingtang and Jingbin Intercity Railway Transit and set up major opportunities in the hub. The Tianjin Business Conference Living Room "initially formed. Through these key platform construction, the space effectively expansion of Baodi high quality development, the hardware environment is significantly improved.

Baodi District has the original 18 industrial parks, according to the service type, innovative, modern "two types", the management system reform, integrates the "one district four gardens", significantly enhanced the development of the park. Deepen the reform of "venting service", implement "one seal management approval", implement "Internet + government" service, explore the implementation of "landing to start" approval, and to reach 671, the legacy can reach 677, promise to reach 477 The approval time limit is reduced by more than 80%. In-depth development of "Double 10,000-double service development" activities to boost enterprises transformation and upgrading. At present, there are 254 national high-tech enterprises in the region, 220 national technology SMEs, the eagle, and the 瞪 企业 企业 企业 8 8 家 企业 企业 企业 企业 企业 企业 家 企业 家 家 家 家 家 企业 企业 企业 家 企业The technical center and the national manufacturing "single champion" product realize zero breakthroughs.

Improve the new city function, the city’s largest shantytown relocation and renovation project has been basically completed, relocated 97 city villages and the hidden house dormitory area, built 43 resilience communities, 10,000 people, nearly 100,000 people dream new.

The longest underground heating pipeline in China, the city’s first underground integrated pipe gallery, the landscape of the kilometer – the whole line of the West Ring Road.

In addition, a number of specialty towns are built in ecological agriculture, green buildings, gourd culture, etc.

Complete the new construction of 155 school buildings, forming a 15-minute medical health service circle, 715 sports places, and public cultural service places have realized all domain coverage. Promote the revitalization of rural villages, all of the 354 difficulty villages in the region fully completed the "Six Six" construction, and the village collective annual operating income exceeded 200,000 yuan. The promotion of 110 kilometers of rural roads and realized "Village Village Bus".

656 drinking water improvement results in water, rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, health house toilet renovation is completed, Bao Yu is awarded the "National Village Cleaning Action Advanced County". (Reporter Huang Jiangao) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

The new urban cadres and the masses have gone to do practical abrasions.

The new urban cadres and the masses have gone to do practical abrasions.

On the morning of July 10th, the four major teams, party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and various units of the new urban organizations in Hohhot, collective action, using weekends, "I do practical things for the masses – Clear Artemisia Medicine "activities.

The Grassland of the River Sichuan is one of the people who love the people of the public in recent years. The Cleantrip Volunteers team with the four major teams leaders from the New Town came here, and carpet cleaning was carried out along the grassland on the top of the plank of tourists.

The summer of the Summer grassland has entered the lush season, and all kinds of flowers and plants are dense, and there is a certain difficulty to clear the actions of Artemisia.

Everyone put on the rubber gloves, be careful in the grassland, one step, one step, distracting the two types of marsilica grass in the grassland, and the randomness is removed, and there artemisia will be resurrected.

In a short while, I took a big pastoral grass in the hands of the volunteers of Artemisia, and everyone put the grass on one side of the hardened road, and immediately returned to the grassland to continue to join the battle of Wenemisia.

After a morning, this clearance of Artemisia actions have also been investigated to clean up about 1000 mu of area, effectively improve the tour environment of the Richard grassland. On the south side of the 110 National Road, the north side of the north and the slow city, the new urban district, the committee, office, and the bureau’s respective volunteer team is very eye-catching. Volunteers in accordance with the "regional responsibility, fragmentation operation, fixed-point cleaning" work mode, and everyone will naturally learn dozens of "small detachments" walking at tens of thousands of square meters, while investigating, while Clean up, carpet-type clearance work.

In order to develop artemisia, it is growing year by year, preventing regeneration, and volunteers will clear artemisia. Some artemon grass will be deep seedlings. Everyone will cooperate with each other and vowed to the grass "."

In order to facilitate subsequent transportation, it is clear, volunteers, and some of the grasswedia, some are responsible for the purge of artemiscurium to the crepe, transported to the clearing car in time, so as not to scatter grass seeds Leading it again.

Zhu Guangyao: Promote higher level reform and opening up relations with China’s development and fate

Zhu Guangyao: Promote higher level reform and opening up relations with China’s development and fate

Zhu Guangyao, the former deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, made a statement on the opening forum. People’s Network Beijing November 16th, the 5th China Enterprise Globalization Forum opened today in Hainan Sanya. This forum is jointly hosted by the Global Zhicu CCG, China International Economic Cooperation, Sanya Municipal Government, co-organized by China, the US Chamber of Commerce and the China EU Chamber of Commerce. Zhu Guangyao, former deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, said in the opening forum, how China promotes higher level reform and opening up in the new situation, which is an extremely significant strategic issue that is related to China’s development and fate. Zhu Guangyao said that the first China has a full confidence, because the China’s economy has achieved great development because the China economy has achieved great development, China’s comprehensive national strength is unprecedented, and the living standards of the Chinese people have a change in earth.

At the end of 1978, the Party Central Committee held an important meeting with historical significance to promote reform and opening up. Since then, China has started from standing, rich, and then the historical transformation of strong. For 40 years, China’s per capita GDP has become more than $ 8,700 from $ 220, and we are approaching the key development stage of breaking through a $ 10,000.

China’s industrial layout is now the most strongest and most complete manufacturing department of the world. Zhu Guangyao said that these let us firmly believe that China’s economy will further develop to higher levels, and achieve transition from high-speed growth to high quality.

At this critical moment, China faces many complicated domestic and foreign factors challenges. The most important thing is to do our own things well. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, persist in steady demand. China’s economy continues to develop forward, overcoming a variety of issues that appear in the forward process. Under this premise of doing this big thing, actively participate in global economic governance. Zhu Guangyao pointed out that in the inside, we must deeply promote reform and opening up, solve the hard bones left behind, and take the deep water area of ??the reforms we have never passed. In terms of openness, due to trade disputes due to single-sided head, external challenges are extremely severe.

"But history also tells us that the pressure that is often external is to promote our internal structural reform, the key is how we will grasp the rhythm of this reform." Zhu Guangyao said, to deepen reform in the open process, and open it through reform Improve to a higher phase. (Editor: Xu Xiangli, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Yu Taiwan teamed up with aviation talent training, and promoted the integration of cross-strait aviation industry

Yu Taiwan teamed up with aviation talent training, and promoted the integration of cross-strait aviation industry

  China Jingwei Net on December 13th: In order to enhance the quality and competitiveness of civil aviation talents in the Taiwan Straits, promote cross-strait economy and trade, education and culture, promote cross-strait integration development, realize the bilateral compliance, December 10, The 5th Strait Cross-strait Civil Aviation Talents Training Forum was held in Zhengzhou City. The on-site connection with Taiwan is this forum with the theme of "Strengthening the High Quality Development of Aviation Economics" as the theme of "High Quality Development" in Aviation Economics. Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education, a deputy director of the first-class inspector, deputy director of the provincial office, Liu Jianfa, deputy mayor of Anyang City, and the principal of Anyang Institute of Technology attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Zhang Guozheng, Chairman of the Taiwan Foundation Legal Aviation Affairs Education Foundation, delivered speeches through video methods. More than 100 people in the air community, education and industry experts in the Taiwan Straits, and industry experts participated in the forum. Zhu Zhanpeng, deputy director of the Provincial Department, said in a speech that in recent years, our province has invested in-depth promotion and exchange, continued to strengthen the economic and trade cooperation of Yu Taiwan, "I have me, I have a win-win, interactive development" Good pattern.

The high school and institutions of the Aerospace industry in the Taiwan Strait of the Strait, are engaged in universities and institutions in civil aviation talents. They have their own characteristics and advantages.

Since its establishment, the Civil Aviation Forum has been successfully held, and it is an important brand of communication cooperation between cross-strait aviation community, seek common development.

Especially in the new situation of the new crown epidemic and complex cross-strait relations, through the civil aviation forum, it is a platform for the development of exchanges and development between the relevant universities, institutions and enterprises on both sides, and helps improve the development of civil aviation and talent training in both sides of the strait. Quality, to deepen cross-strait especially Yu Taiwan education and economic and trade cooperation, promote cross-strait aviation industry integration development, and promote two-strait relations peaceful development is of great significance. In the forum, more than ten special reports of the two-shore aviation field experts in the chairman of Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd.

(Huaxia Jingwei Net, Henan Provincial Department joint report) Editor: Li Xin.

Xinji City: 5 cases of new diagnosis in the 9th will carry out sixth round nucleic acid detection

Xinji City: 5 cases of new diagnosis in the 9th will carry out sixth round nucleic acid detection

People’s Daily News November 10 (Zhu Peng Tao) 0:00 to 24 November 2021, 5 cases of new coronary pneumonia in Xinji City were found in isolation points. As of 24:00, Xinji City has a diagnosis of 58 cases. On November 8, Xinji City conducted a fifth round of nucleic acid detection, a total of 5,49,337 people, and all of them were negative. Today, Xinji City launched a sixth round of nucleic acid detection.

In order to transfer personal transportation, nearby, Baoding, Tangshan, Zhangzhou, 邯郸, Xingtai, Xiong’an New District, Langfang, Hengshui, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Dingzhou total 120 negative pressure ambulance, 1356 drivers and The medical staff has arrived in Xinji, and invested in transportation, the total number of negative pressure ambulances in Xinji City reached more than 700 vehicles. Cangzhou, Hengshui, Baoding, Tangshan, Xingtai, 邯郸, etc., the city, the nucleic acid sampling team has reached 736, and 160 of the traffic workers have reached 80, and the police officers have reached 80. According to the unified deployment of Hebei Provincial Prevention and Control Office, Xinji City has coordinated Xingtai, Baoding, Hengshui, Handan, Zhangzhou, Dingzhou and other 32 urban areas to provide centralized isolation points, and go all out to ensure secret, secondary secret personnel " Be separated.

Xinji City has sent six city-level leadership to the transfer team, which is docked with all over the city, which is specific to the organization coordination work of Xinji City isolation.

According to reports, it is necessary for the masses to have fever at home. In order to standardize and quickly, Xinji City determined Xinji City First Hospital Industrial Road Branch as a fixed-point hospital for controlled hospitals, Xinji City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the fixed-handed patient with non-sealing zone. The Second Hospital of Xinji City is fixed-point hospital for non-fever patients in the sealing area.

All patients with patients and non-sealing zones in the sealing area were in contact with the person in charge in the jurisdiction, and the closed-loop transfer work was organized by the person in charge of the jurisdiction, ensuring that the patient was smooth. The hot clinic for all inspection of all fever patients, blood routine, according to the examination and testing of CT, and did not rule out the diagnosis and treatment before the new crown virus infection, and must not leave. (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Write a new chapter in the development of Chongqing Judicial Administration Development

Write a new chapter in the development of Chongqing Judicial Administration Development

Zhang Dexuan, director of the Chongqing Municipal Justice Bureau, received an interview host: Zhang Director, Hello! How do you know the importance of the 19th National Plenary Session? Zhang Dexuan: The Five-Central Committee of the Party stood in the "two-year hundred years" historical intersection, opening a new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization.

Around the central service overall situation, the judicial administrative organ is responsible for no loans, and

We will learn to promote the spirit of the Plenary, adapt to the new development stage, implement the new development concept, serve the new development pattern, loyal to perform, strive for the practice of building socialist modern national practices to build socialist modernization in the whole, strong rule of law And quality legal services.

  Moderator: During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Chongqing has achieved what results in promoting the construction of the rule of law in the implementation of the central government and promoting the construction of the rule of law? Zhang Dexuan: In recent years, under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the Ministry of Justice, we have seriously fulfilled the "one coordinator, four major functions" (integrinity, responsible for the rule of law, assume administrative legislation, administrative law enforcement, punish implementation and public legal services Functional mission), promoting the construction of Chongqing’s rule of law has achieved positive results. First, the administration is more featful according to law.

The government functions have accelerated the transformation, and the administrative system system is increasingly complete, the administrative decision is more scientific and democratic, the public’s credibility is continuously improved, and the rule of law government construction has achieved important phased results. Yuzhong District, Yongchuan District won the title of the first national rule of law government construction demonstration area, Nanchuan District ("The Best Service Department Zhu Ji" Administrative Power Supervision Mechanism) has won the first batch of national rule of law government construction demonstration project named.

  Second, the service overall features are more changing.

Around the "Three Battle of Three Battle and Conduct", high-quality development and the construction of double city economy in Chengdu, and vigorously create a legal service environment, deepening the company’s listed financing, bankruptcy restructuring, foreign-related legal services, and cooperate with the construction of Sichuan-Yun Judicial Administration. " "Four communities", contributing wisdom and strength to the city’s reform and development.

  The third is that the judiciary is more strong for the warmth of the people.

The modern public legal service system of "covering urban and rural, convenient and efficient, equal," lawyers, arbitration, notarization, judicial appraisal and legal aid are steadily improved, the masses are satisfied with the world, rank nationwide sixth. The fourth is to maintain a stable background.

The safety and renovation of the regulatory clinic is effectively improved; the district and county "three-tune" docking organization and 10 key field mediation organizations achieve full coverage, form a mediation "sharp knife class", resolve the letter of credit; sentenced to the penalty Continuous below the national average. The fifth is that the governance is brighter. The "Seventh Five-Year" law plan is implemented in order, "Who is law enforcement Who is the law" responsibility system effectively and implemented, the public’s rule of law and the rule of law of the rule of law, the integration of the "three administration" three governments, the integration, social management The rule of law is constantly improving.

  Moderator: Not long ago, the central government was held in accordance with the law to governing the country. Chongqing Judicial Administrative Systems have been implemented in the 19th National Session of the 19th National Session, which is integrally implemented in the spirit of the central government to governing the spirit of the country in accordance with the law. Zhang Dexuan: The central government will consulate the country according to law, clarify the guiding position of Xi Jinping’s rule of law in the comprehensive management of the country, issued a "mobilization order" of China’s rule of law China.

We will deeply learn the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, and we will carefully plan the "14th Five-Year Plan" period to fully plan the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and strive to learn the "145" period. In the new office, doing in the implementation of the Chongqing’s various undertakings in the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping guidelines.

  Adhere to the "a rope".

Adhere to the spirit of the rule of law of Xi Jinping, based on the new journey of the rule of law, carefully prepare the central deployment, in accordance with Chongqing’s actual, leading the future development of the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law, to ensure Xi Jinping’s rule of law in Chongqing Falling roots, flowering results.

  Do a good job in "two key points."

Resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary, General Secretary of "Coordination Development and Safety", one-handed service development, one hand to grasp the safety and stability, and strive to play "three roles" in the city (ie, promote the development of the new era, in the development of the new era Promoting a role in building a "One Belt", promoting the development of the Yangtze River economy with green development to play a demonstration role) and the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu Area provides safety political environment, stable social environment, just rule of law, and quality Service environment.

  Deepen "three services". Service "High Quality Development". Optimize the rule of controlling business environment, and provide a strong rule of law for the "three roles"; deepen the Sichuan Judicial Administrative Association, create a good rule of law atmosphere for the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circles in Chengdu, strengthen the special service of enterprises, and supply supplies for enterprises Quality rule of law products. Service "High Quality Life".

Focus on "two fast two", speed up legal service resources such as lawyers, notarization, judicial appraisal, arbitration, judicial office, people’s mediation, build a legal service network covering full business, full-time time and space; focus "high quality and efficiency", building western Legal service highlands; focus "equal existence", promote basic public legal services, and focus "fair and just", strive to improve the people’s sense, happiness, and safe sense. Service "High Level Governance".

Actively participate in the modernization of local social governance, grassroots social governance innovation, peaceful creation activities, strengthen judicial administrative grassroots organizations, basic work, basic capacity building, and promote the formation of social governance sharing.

  Strengthen "four major constructions". Building a higher level of rule of law government. Adhere to the point, explore the demonstration of the municipal-level rule of law; adhere to the good governance, improve the administrative system system according to law; adhere to strict law enforcement, strengthen the law enforcement and supervision.

Building a higher level of rule of law society. Focusing on the law, deepening the rule of law of citizens and ranking in the law and "Who will enforce the law" to implement the law of law responsibility system; revolve around the social integrity, promote the improvement of integrity construction institutional mechanism. Building a higher level of peace in Chongqing. To ensure absolute safety, the prevention and control and safety hazard investigation and remediation of the regular prevention; to build the "big mediation" pattern is traction, build a new era of mediation work upgrade version; to prevent illegal crimes, strengthen community correction Objects and criminal release will be controlled. Building a highly competitive western legal service highland. Focus on high-endization, institutional brand, industry openness, environmental power, accelerate the reasonable layout of layout, high-quality and efficient legal services, and fully build a new high-class legal service in the western region.

  Moderator: Just now, you will put forward the construction of "Western Legal Service Highland". What kind of consideration is based on what consideration, what specific initiatives? Zhang Dexuan: The reason why we put forward the "Western Legal Service Highland" is the mission.

This is the inevitable requirement of the central government about "Chengdu-Chongqing region has become an important economic center, scientific and technological innovation center, reform and opening up new highlands, high quality life, livable land" target positioning. Second, opportunities are rare.

Chongqing is fully integrated into the development of "all the way" and the economic belt of the Yangtze River, and cultivates the new advantages of landlocked, accelerates the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu, and has given major opportunities for the development of the legal service industry in our city. .

Third, the advantage is unique.

Chongqing has the resource advantage of the Higher People’s Court, the source of authoritative institutions such as the Southwest Branch of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission; there are more than 600 senior professional titles, 21 legal service personnel enjoy the talent advantage of the Special Allowance of the State Council; The national top ten arbitration institutions, the soil of the same national justice appraisal agency, we will grasp the opportunity, play an advantage, and accelerate the construction of the western legal services.

  First, cultivate "high-end" talents. Seriously implement the "Chongqing Yingcai Plan", create a "close" talent environment, accelerate the cultivation of cross-border investment mergers and acquisitions, "two anti-one insurance" (dumping and anti-dumping; subsidies and countervailing; security measures and special protection measures) High-end legal talents in the field, reserve strategic legal talents in the emerging frontier field, absorb more high-end legal talents to practice.

  The second is to create a "brand" institution.

By administrative promotion, enterprises, support, etc., guide legal service industries to expand business space, extend service chain, innovative service supply, and help "brand" legal services for strong a batch of large-scale, strong strength, high levels Institutions, constantly enhance the core competitiveness.

  The third is to speed up the "openness" pace.

Expanding the "walking out" space, supporting the legal service organizations in our city to set up branches or jointly with overseas legal service agencies.

Increase the "introduction", encourage the national first-class legal service agency to set up branches, and focus on introducing the world’s top legal service institutions to set up representatives. The fourth is to create a "first-phase" environment.

Adhere to all-round services, actively coordinate the implementation of practicing security mechanisms and support policies to support the development of legal service industry. Enhance full service, in-depth promotion "double random, one disclosure" (randomly extract inspection objects during the supervision process, randomly select law enforcement examination personnel, investigation and investigation results in time to publicly enhance the quality and efficiency of legal services And credibility. Topic: (Editor: Zhang Gui, Zeng Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Wang Junzheng will emphasize that the important instructions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping in the 8th National Moral Model Representative and Nomination Awards will emphasize the importance of ad

Wang Junzheng will emphasize that the important instructions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping in the 8th National Moral Model Representative and Nomination Awards will emphasize the importance of admire advanced learning advanced and striving for advanced atmosphere to build beautiful and happy Tibet.

Wang Junzheng will emphasize that when the 8th National Moral Model Representative and Nomination Award winner, Wang Jun, emphasized in-depth study and implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping to create an advanced learning advanced to strive to be an advanced atmosphere to build a beautiful happiness Tibet condensed spiritual power. Beijing November 6 Japan (Reporter Zhao Shu Bin Zhang Li Li) On the afternoon of the 6th, Wang Jun, secretary of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, met with the 8th National Moral Model Representative and Nomination Award for our district. He emphasized that we must carry out in-depth learning and propaganda moral model activities, create an advanced advancement, advanced learning, and strive to be advanced social atmosphere, and condense the spiritual power in the construction of beautiful and happy Tibet. This is Wang Junzheng, who met in Beijing, the 8th National Moral Model Representative and Nomination Award.

The reporter Dan Zeng Xi Wang Junzheng pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important discussions in strengthening moral construction, and the direction of the direction of strengthening the moral construction of the new era, fundamental problems will work for us. It provides a fundamental follow.

General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the 8th National Moral Model and Nomination Award, fully reflected the high attention of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s moral construction and the sincere care of moral model.

Wang Junzheng pointed out that, in the past few years, the people of all nationalities in the whole district have learned in depth to practice the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and firmly follow the party, and enter the new era. Selfless dedication, in striving to make a sacred land guardian, a happy home builder written to the motherland to the people’s nature, to maintain the unity of the motherland, strengthen the national unity, highlight profound patriotism, and have a large number of advanced advances in various fronts Typical, hero models, this time I get comrades who have obtained the National Moral Model and Nomination Award is the excellent representative.

Everyone’s advanced deeds are in a deep, hummingly, everyone’s high-quality morality is warm Tibet, shining the plateau.

Everyone uses ordinary actions and great spirit, and interprets the strength of truth and beauty. It is a powerful leader of social civilization and is a positive practitioner of socialist core values.

This is a photo of the leaders of the autonomous region and the 8th National Moral Model and Nomination Award in our district. The reporter Dan Zeng Xi Xue Wang Jun is emphasizing that morality is the cornerstone of social relations, interpersonal harmony, moral model is a tangible positive energy, and a fresh value. All departments at all levels must effectively discuss the importance of General Secretary Xi Jinping to the whole process and all aspects of the moral construction, with the Chinese nationality, the traditional Morality, the socialist ideological and moral strong, with socialist core values Constructing a total of spiritual homes in all ethnic groups, building the Chinese nation’s consciousness, providing a strong spiritual power and moral support for the Tibet chap of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation.

Wang Junzheng emphasizes that the whole region will improve the political station, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", do "two maintenance", deeply enlighten the powerful truth of socialism with Chinese characteristics, China, China, Deep sense of understanding of the general secretary of Tibet, paying attention to Tibet work, and constantly improving political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and firmly moved to listen to party Chinese, and feel the party, and firmly resolutely The General Secretary Xi Jinping and the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee were implemented. "The German style of the gentleman, the moral grass, the wind of the grass". The recognition representative is to strive to be the model of "two maintenance", strive to be a model of the motherland, strive to make the model of cultivating the Chinese nation’s consciousness, and strive to practice the model of socialist core values, and strive to practice green development philosophy. Model, strive to be the model of patriotic, make persistent efforts, reunite new work, as a good example, when the demonstration, affect the people around the model, condense positive energy, drive more people to see the sizzing, go up, good, conscious Be a worst moral practitioner, the civilized fashion, the creator of a beautiful life.

The whole society should have extensive to moral model learning activities, guiding people from the side, implement good moral behavior into daily work and life, allowing typical models to emerge, let civilization new wind blows through the plateau. All kinds of media should give full play to a typical roadwork, and vigorously promote the advanced models of advanced deeds, and vigorously promote the morality of moral models, and strive to create advanced, advanced, and strive to be advanced and strong social atmosphere. The majority of party members and cadres should continue to have a spiritual blood of the Communists, firmly and political direction, practice the purpose of the people’s service, maintain honest and self-discipline, Ming Dafa, guarding the general, striker, and vigorously inherit and carry forward the "old Tibet", " Two ways "spirit, truthfully, pioneering the exemption, leaders, the promoters, leaders, to cultivate and carry forward socialist core values. Advocates and practitioners.

Director of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Minister of Protection, Minister of Propaganda Participate.

Editor in charge: Solan Zii.

South Korea’s unified department said that North Korea agreed to hold a Han Dynasty high-level talks on the 9th

South Korea’s unified department said that North Korea agreed to hold a Han Dynasty high-level talks on the 9th

  Xinhua News Agency, January 5 (Reporter Lu Rui, Xuepeng) South Korea’s unified department confirmed that North Korea agreed to hold a Han Dynasty high-level talks on the "Peace House" on the Sabele Store on the 9th.

  South Korea’s unified spokesman Bai Taili said at the routine reporter held on the same day, local time 5:16 am (Beijing time 9:16) Korean received documents received by North Korea on receiving high-level talks. The document says that the talks will discuss the issue of the improvement of Korean relations, including the Korean Pingchang Winter Olympics, etc., and the two parties will negotiate through document exchange.

  The Korean government held a Han Dynasty high-level talks on the DPRK on the 2nd, and discussed the issue of common concern in the DPRK, in the DPRK, the DPRK’s delegation was discussed. According to North Korea CCTV, the highest leader of North Korea ordered the day of the Directors to re-open the hotline of the board of Directors in the Han Dynasty to discuss North Korea’s participation in the Pingchang Winter Olympics. South Korea’s unified department confirmed that the Han Dynasty conducted a 20-minute call by re-opening the board store contact channel, mainly for the communication line.

This is the first time after the interruption of the Han Dynasty, the Han Dabu store contact channel is resumed.

  When Jin Zheng, January 1, this year, in the event of a New Year’s word, North Korea intends to dispatch delegations to participate in the upcoming Pingchang Winter Olympics, the North South Administration can conduct emergency talks.

Tongzhou: Accurately implement the help project to promote industrial consumption poverty alleviation

Tongzhou: Accurately implement the help project to promote industrial consumption poverty alleviation

Inner Mongolia Mingyang Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in our district, and the company’s poverty alleviation works, workers are receiving handicraft production training.

(Tongzhou District Committee Propaganda Department) A map of Beijing, May 26 Collaborative work, focusing on the docking of consumer poverty alleviation work. At Weng Niu Shiqi, the delegation launched the Guangde Community Guanjing Jingjing Mongolian Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, four-dimensional Beijing Mongolian Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, Xiangyang Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia, Yangjiaying Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park and Beijing-Menggung Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, etc.

Mingyang Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd. established in our district funds, the company is based on buckwheat as the main raw material, building a total industrial chain enterprise integrating planting, research and development, production and sales, and actively playing the role of poverty alleviation work, formulating five support Way to help local poor households to get rid of poverty. The delegation of our district and the person in charge conducted in-depth exchanges, on the exchange of exchanges, sales channels, etc. Yang Jiaying’s modern agricultural demonstration park has focused on opening the sales channels of agricultural products and the brand of wengqi agricultural products, driving the surrounding industries to scale, branding. The delegation was accurately docked with the head of the park for technical support, order planting.

After the field inspector, the Tongzhou District delegation held a symposium with the Weng Niu Shiqi Government. The government signed the "2020 to join hands in the help agreement", and the entrepreneurs in the two places have signed the "Accurate Poverty Alleviation Agriculture Planting Strategic Cooperation Agreement". At Tongliao City Naimani, the delegation has went to the Ganlongshan Town Sweet Potato Technology Industry Park, Naimanqi E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Operation Center, Yinglong Yongxue District, Yingzi Kindergarten, the large town Guangming Village facility agricultural greenhouse, the large town Pioneer Village The base is on the ground and visits the poor household. The Naimanqi E-Commercial Poverty Alleviation Operation Center was established in Beijing, after a year of development, a one-year development has formed an integrated integrated to help agricultural product sales platform, driving local poor households to use self-produced sales from the media to help the surroundings of 15 million Yu Yuan. The delegation listened carefully to the project detailed introduction, in-depth exchange of product development, brand building, sales model, etc.

In the docking between the two places, Liu Guiming said that Tongzhou District will carefully go to the table, regarding poverty alleviation as a must-have political task, unshirkable responsibility and division, focusing difficulties and pain points, accurate implementation of helping projects Promote industrial consumption poverty alleviation, and truly unplug the poor roots for the people in the poor area, resolutely complete the task of good Beijing Mengpo, help Inner Mongolia to win precision and unprecedented. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).