His current pain is only a little,Up or down,Push or not。

On the surface he is very indifferent,In fact, my heart is very intense。
Face such a beautiful woman,And as long as he takes the initiative,Just let it go,Say goodbye to two lifetime virgins。
But he has so many worries,Afraid of a leisurely and beautiful life in the future,Affected by these emotional bullshit things。
Conceivable,How painful he is。
Seemingly unexpected,Lin Dong would say something like this,Seems different from before。
Looks like Brother Adong has really changed!
Took a sip of coffee,She said again:“Don’t go around me,I understand you don’t want me to blame myself,I’m sorry for the feelings between us,I know。”
Lin Dong Wenyan,Suddenly remembered a word,So I smiled slightly,Said:“I choose to give up first,So can’t blame you,You are still holding on。
Actually it’s plain,Both of us should be ashamed,We all love ourselves,Finally surpassed love love!”
As if stunned,Thinking of Lin Dong’s words。
Isn’t it that loving yourself is better than loving love?!
If you really value love,Inevitably desperate,Even humble,Even humble!
Short silence,As if finally gritted his teeth,As if I made a decision in my heart。
“Adong,My body,I want to give you……”
Say this sentence,Like a flushed face,Used the utmost courage。
Lin Dong listened,But the heartbeat is speeding up,Dry mouth,Some thinking disorder,Short head。
Time seems to stop,Silence in the small living room,Weird atmosphere。

but,The phone only rang,Was cut off。Obviously,Lao Wang didn’t want to give Gao Hao any opportunity to explain;This,It also made Gao Hao truly aware of the seriousness of the matter。

“You go back by yourself!”Gao Hao said to the fashionable beauty in the passenger。
Beautiful women usually play coquettishly,This is also a way to grab a man’s heart。But this time,She saw Gao Hao’s face gloomy,Don’t dare to talk too much,Obediently got off the car。
“I can only let my dad come forward!”
Son offense,Dad back the pot,Justified。
but,Gao Hao just turned to his dad’s number,Have not had time to call out,His dad’s call came first instead。
“dad!”Gao Hao quickly picked it up。
“Don’t call my dad!As long as you don’t mess with me,I can call you Dad!”Over the phone,But there was a violent drink,“Who did you offend?Our house is over!Over!!”
“Over?”Gao Hao obviously doesn’t know yet,That person“Old horse”Have cut off cooperation with their family。
Father Gao continued to scold:“Also bought a sports car to show off wealth!You will sell the car for me tomorrow!Otherwise, our family won’t even be able to eat!”
“dad,What happened?”Gao Hao’s voice was trembling and asked。
“You roll me home first!See i don’t kill you!”
First4chapter He is not in this community
Chu Yi didn’t know,Just because of his simple words,Pharaoh not only immediately interrupted his cooperation with Gao Hao,It also directly cut off the most important sales channels of Gao Hao’s family!
For Chu Yi,Just move your fingers casually,Just typed a few words。
But for Gao Hao’s family,But instantly fell into a desperate situation!May even go bankrupt!
Gao Hao was even called home by his father,Catch is a big beating。
at this time,Chu Yi is getting off work,But I received a WeChat from tonight’s blind date。

“and so,Prepare for compensation,About 80 million,Not right,For your Tong Group,It should be okay too,Sorry for your Tong Group to be such a big name, right?。”Shen Luoluo’s words,Full of sarcasm and disdain,It’s like slap the childlike heart so hard。

First62chapter wake up
“Achen,You really don’t want me?Between us……”Tongxinyou know,Can’t tell Shen Luoluo,I can only look at Su Jingchen,Turned to bitterness。
“long,some things,I already know the facts,Just didn’t say it,I don’t want you to do anything to the one I love,And Su Group,If you guys really like it,Just give it to you,But I hope you can wake up。”Su Jingchen said to Tong Xinyou in a cold voice。
“Hahaha,That’s it,That’s it,It was originally my childlike wedding,Unexpectedly, in the end it was just a wedding dress made by others,Su Jingchen,Shen Mange,In my life,I won’t let you go。”Tongxinyou has a miserable voice,It sounds creepy。
But Shen Luoluo shrugged indifferently,All this was found by Tongxinyou。
“Won’t you let it go?In that case,Don’t mind spending a few years in jail?”Shen Luoluo’s voice is cold,Seeing Tong Xinyou’s gaze also changed。
Hear here,Childlike innocence called bad,Isn’t that the thing known??
“Childlike!”It’s from the police station。
“What do you guys do?”Tong Xinyou’s parents then realized,Hurry to stand in front of Tong Xinyou。
“Two,We just act impartially,Some people say that the air crash three years ago has something to do with Tong Xinyou,And provided corresponding evidence,We are here to ask Miss Tong to come back with us for investigation。”
“Do not,Will not,How could it be my daughter?You must be mistaken。”Tong Xinyou’s mother seems to be crazy。
“brother,help me,Achen,I do not want to go,I don’t want to go in,Achen,Save me。”Tong Xinyou tightly grasped the corner of Su Jingchen’s clothes,But was still dragged away。
“Do not,impossible,That thing,So hidden,How would anyone know?”Tong Xinming talks to himself。
“so,Three years ago,You are also involved?”Shen Luoluo walked towards Tong Xinming。
Tong Xinming doesn’t know why,See Shen Luoluo,I think she is terrible。
“Do not,no,You got it wrong。”Tong Xinming shook his head subconsciously,Then I looked at Fan Yi,really,Fan Yi looked at Tong Xinming in disbelief。
The plane crash,Tong Xin knew that he was also on that plane,But he still started,Brothers for so many years……Everything is fake。

So it’s not very conspicuous。

As for how Mu Guishu shipped so many precious emeralds out of Myanmar,That is also very simple。
The second richest man in China,I don’t even have this ability and relationship,Isn’t it a joke?
First862chapter An international director who spends money like water(Three shifts)
Many people are Chu Liuxiang’s book fans。
But he recently published《Jurassic Park》,Domestic sales are not good。
8Since mid-month publication,Two months“only”Is sold700Million volumes。
This is a shameful achievement for any other author,In the book of Teacher Chu Liuxiang,But it failed slightly。
Not to mention the best selling《Gift in Room 7》,regular version、Refined version、Collector’s Edition added together,Have sold more than1Billion copies。
Just say that they will be published after the Spring Festival this year《Xiao Ba’s Story》,Sold so far7000More than ten thousand copies。
Cause sales“not good”For many reasons。

Gu Qiao graduated here。

It’s too far-fetched to say graduation,She debuted as a singer not long after she was freshman,Until later became the first line,Just started preparing for graduation。
I didn’t have a few classes in four years of university。
But got the graduation certificate stably,It has also become the most prominent position in the school’s excellent alumni column。
Lu Ban and Gu Qiao walking on the campus of Central South University。
It’s evening,Many students just finished class,I saw people who were surrounded by layers,They all looked over curiously。
“Wow,Gu Qiao!”
“It’s really Gu Qiao,Why did she come to our school。”
“Gu Qiao is a senior sister, did you forget??”
“exactly,There is a camera next to me,Walking with Gu Qiao is……Luban?”
“Is it recording a full house of romance??”
The students talked,Many people have guessed that this is a recording of a full house of romance。
The security has already been notified by the school,Additional manpower,Blocking the road on both sides。
Lu Ban and Gu Qiao walked side by side。
“This is your alma mater?”

How strong is Xu Xuan’s offense?,You may have no idea,But you can tell from the progress of the game in the first few minutes。

The French team is adjusting quickly,When Xu Xuan hit the first three-pointer,Changed the defensive strategy,Expand the line of defense,Keep an eye on three points。
But at this moment,Xu Xuan changed another trick。
Started various pick-and-rolls and burst into the basket to cause damage。
The most critical point is,Fighting again,The French team’s main core Batum changed defense to Xu Xuan, who was back。
Was educated.
Xu Xuan’s catch turned over and flickered it,It just made him think that the one in front of him was Kobe instead of Xu Xuan。
When will Xu Xuan take his back??
The high and low positions have always been Xu Xuan’s weak areas before,It’s because Xu Xuan can’t carry around,Everyone in the league knows this,Even the defense of many teams is to push Xu Xuan to these two positions.,Let him score points in a way he is not good at,Even if I score,Xu Xuan will be uncomfortable。
but now.This back.Suddenly strengthened。
Tony·Parker frowned。
He also found out,and,Not only the back,And defense.Xu Xuan’s current defense seems to be much stronger than what he saw before?

Summer night,After satiated,Old man Kang led Zhang Muyang to make a set of Baduanjin。Correct,Baduanjin。38Years later, when Geng Zi came to the menacing new crown virus epidemic,TCM treatment is effective,Baduanjin has become one of the important means to enhance people’s immunity。

For thousands of years,Baduanjin has entered the house,You can understand this is a set of gymnastics,One trick is very simple,Much easier than most square dances。But Baduanjin is indeed a qigong method,It is a set of physical fitness methods passed down after thousands of years of tempering。
Zhang Muyang did it again,Whisper in my heart,What about the legendary Kung Fu?
Old man Kang observes his words,How can you not know what a child is thinking,So stop,Sang,Dialects are not easy to communicate,Then continue singing。Roughly means:Don’t think the action is too ordinary,One move with true power,Rise from the ground,Every brick and tile is useful。From the eye to the hand to the heart,All the internal organs are useful。Ten years of hard work,Needless to say to keep fit,Easy to hear and see,Strengthen your hands and feet,Three and five people are hard to get close。
Leading Zhang Muyang to talk and practice,Demonstrate three times in a row。Old man Kang told Zhang Muyang,Practice morning and evening,Practice at least every time9all over,This is daily homework,One day is not allowed to fall。After a period of time,The condition that has troubled you for many years will change significantly。
Old man Kang has kung fu,I’m worried that this little disciple won’t approve,Show up again。Take the wooden mallet for washing clothes by the wall,Hold both hands in opposite directions and rub,Sawdust falling down on hand,Hands loose,The grip is a big circle。
Old man Kang clap his hands,Relaxed attitude,Seems to have never used force。Zhang Muyang’s eyes stared like bells,Brothers Zhang Yuzhu and Zhang Jian were also dumbfounded、Amazed。
Watching Master Kong go south and north by himself,It turned out to be a tall man with kung fu!
Zhang Muyang never saw this,Have a good sense of learning,Both hands are red,Of course the wooden mallet won’t move,I pulled Old Man Kang’s hand and touched it again,But it’s not the calluses in your imagination。Damn,If only I had such a pair of hands。
Old man Kang’s family history,All kung fu is concentrated on one hand。In Zhang Muyang’s treatment,Actually, it’s not that simple。everybody knows,Illness comes like a mountain and goes like a thread,Zhang Muyang’s deficit for so many years,You still have to lay the foundation of your body first。How good?Practice Baduanjin,This is the basis,I can only rely on myself for my body,It’s not easy to rely on medicine or something。
The second step is massage。Some diseases,Conventional medicine is difficult to achieve,This is normal。A respectable old military doctor said on TV,All diseases,One-third can be cured without treatment,One-third can be cured,One-third incurable。
Like a cold,There is no cure,Clinical western medicine treatment can only reduce inflammation and kill viruses,Just relieve symptoms、Relieve pain,Really getting better,Is carried over by the body’s immunity。Very contradictory,Incurable,But I can be better。
Chinese medicine is different,According to the Five Elements Theory of Chinese Medicine,One thing drops one thing,The most difficult disease,There will always be a chance。You are like Zhang Muyang,In the opinion of Old Man Kang,It may be congenital heart disease,Maybe not,It does not matter,The important thing is that all diseases must be treated,Let’s choose an appropriate path for treatment,Old man Kang really wants to try,Can my massage technique cure the child’s illness?。
Massage Heart Sutra、Pericardium,Strengthen the effectiveness of meridians,Meridian is connected,The symptoms are fine。Massage is very effective in dredging the meridians,Early stage,External influence,Just give him a massage,Help him clear the meridian、Strong meridian function。usually,Have to rely on his own efforts,Seek inward,Maintenance from the inside out。
Next,Old man Kang gives Zhang Muyang a full body massage,Ask him to remember the process of his massage,Especially the order of massage,Follow this order in the future,Press yourself。
Zhang Muyang lying on the kang,Old man Kang stands in front of the kang,from head to foot,Chest back,Pinch,Over an hour,Zhang Muyang is full of steam,A piece of bruise on the back,Zhang Muyang didn’t realize it,Fell asleep faintly。

Don’t say it’s him,Which little white face,Can have a tenth of Shen Huan’s talent,Both parents support you to chase!

So Shen Huan, who was already very popular among girls,Now he has become an idol for more people。
These are the normal reactions of people far away。
But in Lin’an,Throughout Zhejiang and Yue,In the entire Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai region,There are some differences。
the reason is,Central.During the interview with mom,Shen Huan teaches students the scene of mathematics。
Who is Shen Huan?
Great mathematician!
Or one of the most famous mathematicians in the world!
Although he doesn’t necessarily say that he can beat Mr. Su、Mr. Chen、Mr. Hua and the older generation of mathematicians are strong,But one thing can be concluded。
That’s any of the great mathematicians above,At the age of Shen Huan,Can’t compare to Shen Huan。
Shen Huan’s identity is a student,High school senior。
At this stage of the college entrance examination,As a fresh graduate,Shen Huan must have the deepest understanding of mathematics for the college entrance examination,Can best understand power mathematics from the perspective of students。
For example, in the Olympiad a few months ago,Shen Huan easily got a full mark,Lead the Hua Guo team to win the international team championship after three years。
So people think that if Shen Huan takes the college entrance examination,,Math150Minute,No doubt at all。
No one dares to expect,Who is a mathematician like Shen Huan going to teach mathematics?,Even Zheng Qian、A super rich man like Yang Feng is not eligible。
So no one thought about it before,Borrowing Shen Huan’s ingenuity。
But now it looks,Someone has already boarded first!
Shen Huan started from the third year of high school,Just teach and explain maths to these students,Needless to say Xueba,Those who can understand one-tenth,Raise one or two points、Twenty thirty minutes,Isn’t it the same as playing??

Tang Chen told me,The figure flashes forward quickly。

He is going to the depths of the soul hunting forest,Titan giant apes waiting in the Star Dou Mountains。
Presumably the injury has recovered,Let it find the soul beast is most suitable。
I need a lot this time,It takes a lot of time to hunt by yourself。
Tang Chen quickly shuttled through the forest,The reincarnated eye exudes powerful pressure,No soul beast dared to approach。
Didn’t take long,I’ve reached the place where I fought last time。
Looking at the still messy battlefield,Tang Chen fell into sorrow.
032 Forbidden:Yin seal!
Tang Chen stood in front of the cliff,There are still traces of the last war on it。
People can’t always be sad,We must firmly believe that the future will have a more beautiful landscape。
Death will leave him.
“Soul Bone Secret Art:Crystal ladder!”

Xu Xuan pursed the corner of his mouth,Smiled weakly,Tao:“Promised things,It’s not always good.”

“Do not worry,Leave it to me below.”Melon patted Xu Xuan on the shoulder。
Xu Xuan was moved,Smiled:“Thanks,Buddy。”
“But I want to stand on the court even when the game wins.”
Old fish smiled:“Can’t you say this,He has to tell me.”
Lao Yu points to the team doctor,The team doctor spread his hands innocently:“.”
“Knicks adjusted the lineup in the second half,Xu Xuan was replaced.”Both the commentator and the fans noticed the changes in the Knicks。
“Bad performance in the first half,Let Coach Derek give him up.”Kenny·Smith discovered another thing:“but.He doesn’t seem to come out?He stayed in the locker room?”
Kenny·Smith said in surprise。
“Is this being scolded for being autistic??”
Buckley thought for a while,Shook his head,Tao:“Should not be.May be other reasons.”
In the perspective of everyone on the Hornets,The Knicks just changed teams in the second half。
Whether it’s offensive and defensive conversion,Still war of position,Everyone in the Knicks looks very excited,The defensive end is even more aggressive。
“Three points of bottom corner of melon.Wow!Entered again!”
“Switch offense,Hornets made a mistake!A perfect steal,Counterattack!Shumpert’s Dunk!”
“How the Knicks played in the second half was like convulsions.”