Visiting the Winter Olympics Main Logistics Center: Materials Entering the Win Bao Event Low Car Safety

Visiting the Winter Olympics Main Logistics Center: Materials Entering the Win Bao Event Low Car Safety

Original title: Super 80% of Materials Instrumental Warehouse Low Carbon Safety Main Logistics Center has assumed the functions of competition logistics services during the "meeting Beijing" test competition. Our reporter Deng Wei took the opening of Beijing Winter Olympics and less than two months, and the preparations for events were advanced in an orderly manner. Among them, the logistics service guarantee work that guaranteed the smooth operation of the event was particularly concerned. Yesterday, the reporter visited the main logistics center of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabling Olympics. It is understood that the procurement work of the Logistics Department of Beijing Winter Olympics is about to end, and more than 80% of the event materials have been completed. Prepare multiple projects into the "sprint" at 9:30 in the morning, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympic Word Logistics Center a busy scene.

The large and small materials required by Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics are moved here, allocating and transporting. Li Yanling, Minister of Logistics, Beijing Winter Olympics, showed two pictures, one is the exterior map of the main logistics center, and the other is the rainwater regulation of the main logistics center. She said: "We pass the center of the main logistics center. Some detail modifications, reduce 29% of energy consumption, and also reflect the concept of ‘green office.

"Furniture materials accounted for the overall logistics work of this Winter Olympics, how to reduce carbon emissions in furniture materials transportation, Li Yanling said:" We will design almost all furniture to be foldable and stacked. Style, easy to carry, greatly saved the transportation space, reducing the carbon emissions of logistics transportation.

"According to statistics, only this move can reduce the overall volume of furniture materials by 75%, and it is expected to reduce the transportation flow rate of 50%.

Under the request of "Simple, Safe, Wonderful", the work of the main logistics center is in an orderly manner.

Up to now, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee logistics department has completed the procurement of 388 projects, providing 225 batches, payment of billion yuan for all entrance groups. At the same time, the logistics center provides a full process logistics service for each test.

Currently, more than 80% of the events have been transferred to the work. Logistics Green Technology Become Keywords Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics supplies involving more than 40 venues in the two land, 55 business areas, and 28 categories.

The number of materials is huge, the category is complicated, what is the requirements and pay attention to logistics protection? Through interviews, the reporter learned that small to a pair of skates, a table and chair, and the coordination and distribution of large-to-large event materials reflects "green low carbon" and "technology" concept.

In order to build a low-carbon Olympics, Zhangjiakou will take the lead in using hydrogen energy trucks, and all new energy trucks and logistics operating equipment are all used in Beijing. At the main logistics center B library 2-layer logistics library, there are a number of logistics "black technology" in the scientific logistics area of ??the logistics center. At the scene, multiple "Wolf" robots are carrying the various materials needed for the event.

When the Winter Olympics game, they will be carried out in the event closed loop and the non-closed-loop unison and the unmanned distribution cabinet.

"One side is green logistics, scientific logistics, and because some supplies are shipped from abroad, with the’land wolf ‘and drone transportation distribution, anti-prevention safety is guaranteed." Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Logistics Department Logistics Office Li Jin said.

"In addition, we also practice" can borrow, you can rent, you can rent ", the demand after the match is considered, the hardware and software facilities used during the event can take the game." Li Jin introduced, in hardware, After the leased materials, it will be retracted and continue to be put into use. The main logistics center will also be recovered by the owner after the game, and commercial operation is implemented. Safety Each link multi-wheel murder logistics work How to ensure good anti-prevention safety while efficient operation? The reporter learned that every link in logistics guarantee work has multiple rounds of monitoring and killing, and such epidemic prevention requirements will continue until the end of the competition.

"According to the Estimation of the International Olympic Committee, the logistics work of this Winter Olympics is once a peaceful period. With an epidemic, for logistics, it is mainly increasing the uncertainty of the supply chain.

"Li Yanling said that" the International Olympic Committee has developed an epidemic prevention plan for this, we will be in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention plan.

"Li Yanling said that the epidemic prevention program has meticulous provisions on the equipment and its different flows in high, medium and low-risk areas." We first did test, the second is to kill. " "She example said that when a equipment material is cleared in the port, we must first kill the vehicle’s facade. When you go to the venue, you need to kill, and remove the equipment supplies to open the box. Kill.

"Every link has specific measures, there are professional killed means, scientific management means to prevent." In addition to equipment, all staff health will also be strictly monitored. "People who enter the venue need to hold 48 hours of nucleic acid testing certificate, relevant personnel should also regularly conduct nucleic acid detection. The staff in closed-loop and closed-loop have different frequent test requirements." Li Yanling said that this epidemic prevention measures will always The same continues to the end of the Winter Olympics, even in the post-match material recycling stage.

Our reporter Li Shuanglin will Liu Shuang.

Zhongqing Net Review: Holding Xiangjiang Future with Youth Huahua

Zhongqing Net Review: Holding Xiangjiang Future with Youth Huahua

  The "Time Spiritual Xiangjiang" is a major founding theme exhibition recently met with the public in Hong Kong.

This is, since June this year, the "Era", the "Times", China Scientist Theme Exhibition and Moon Soil In Hong Kong, "The Era", the "Times, Xiang Xiangjiang", the Star Sky Tiandong – China Space Station System Construction Symposium, "The Times" The Xiangjiang "series brand is another wonderful bright phase.

  For more than 4 months, the "Time" series of activities is far from the popularity of Hong Kong people, "the" Moon Incoming Port "activity is more difficult, and the venue is full.

The majority of Hong Kong youth benefits.

  This is a perspective of Chinese culture. The building is a centralized reflection of science and technology, culture, art and economic strength. "God has a Shenzhou, the sea has a dragon, the entry has a shield", a function of functional advancement, and an atmosphere project, highlighting the long-standing Chinese culture and scientific strength.

Through famous landmark architectural image information, such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Wuhan Fire Shenshan Hospital, etc., Hong Kong youth feel the "absolute, new, odd and wisdom" of the big country. Pursuing the history of Chinese architecture is the process of visiting the Chinese culture. Different historical periods in Hong Kong, different cultural landmarks have also recorded Hong Kong’s vicissitudes and brilliant, and Hong Kong youth feel Hong Kong architectural culture in the exhibition, which is also constructing their identity. This is the excitation of the era.

China Aerospace "Cosmic Campaign" visited Hong Kong, the moon bore brought back to Hong Kong for the first time, Hong Kong middle school students "chasing stars" aerospace scientists, this series of activities did not greeted the spirit of China’s revival.

China’s astronauts have a self-satisfaction of 400 kilometers away, Tu Yu, Yuan Long Ping, etc. Chinese scientists are all self-satisfied, but also to make Hong Kong youth education, national pride, nature, Hong Kong’s progress also requires watering national revitalization The spirit of the times. This is an experience of a family feeling.

"The big country built a dream future" campus report will be held in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. According to the background of new crown pneumonia, the speaker introduced the story behind the Master’s Day, and said that the motherland is a strong backing in Hong Kong at any time.

This makes the young students present in the field, and the hearts of the family. Hong Kong and the mainland are inseparable, in length, central and mainland concerned support for Hong Kong, have already penetrated into a grass on both sides of Victoria, a brick. The "Time" series activities have aroused enthusiastic expectations in Hong Kong youth integrate into the national development overall situation.

  At the moment, the economic and social development of Guangdong, Macau Dawan District is in full swing, which is for the Hong Kong youth to create employment opportunities, and also provide a stage for Hong Kong youth growing in the Mainland.

More central "eight measures" help Hong Kong youth integrate into national development, opening the "last kilometer" of Hong Kong youth to the mainland, this is a policy red envelope that Hong Kong youth is involved in countries. In the future, China’s construction needs to further innovate the system mechanism, in terms of clean energy efficient use, engineering and carbon, new assembly system development, etc., and strengthen science and technology research and development and practice exploration. This is an opportunity for Hong Kong youth.

In the Dawan District, Hong Kong youth is closer to the dream. Youth Huahua hugs in the future. In the "Beautiful City, I have a beautiful city – Hong Kong Youth Architectural Painting Contest", Wanli Great Wall, Jiangnan Water Township, Beautiful Dayan District … A magnificent picture is magnificent, Hong Kong youth uses extreme imagination The brush is depicting the unlimited yearning for the motherland, expressing the beautiful future of Hong Kong.

In the near future, these people who have been working in the country, and their own adaptive adolescents will also take a strong relay bar to build Hong Kong.

(Cai Enze).

Wanning zet 3 scholen in Beima Town in Dongxing School om bijna 50 miljoen yuan te investeren om de schoolomstandigheden te optimaliseren

Wanning zet 3 scholen in Beima Town in Dongxing School om bijna 50 miljoen yuan te investeren om de schoolomstandigheden te optimaliseren

Originele titel: laat de studenten in etnische minderheden genieten van kwaliteitsonderwijs middelen, recentelijk, Wanning City Dongxing School hield een lenteceremonie van 2022.

Op de open speeltuin in de campus begroette de eerste klas van de hele school het nieuwe semester in de eerste en 2300 studenten.

Studenten die een kolonie dragen, het onlangs in gebruik van het onderwijsbouw en de slaapzalen in de campus, toonden de grootste township-scholen die in 1964 zijn gebouwd, nu de grootste Township-scholen in Wanning, staande in het startpunt van de nieuwe ontwikkeling.

Op 2 maart kwam de verslaggever naar Dongxing School en ontdekte dat er een rivier voor de campus was, en er was een groene heuvel.

Met een oppervlakte van 126 MU van de campus is er een spoor- en veldveld van Oost naar Western, verschillende basketbalbanen en een standaard zwembad. De schoolcafetaria met twee verdiepingen omvat een oppervlakte van meer dan 900 vierkante meter, en de nieuwe onderwijsbouw en slaapzalen zijn omgeven door sportvelden. Het is duidelijk dat het Wanning City de onderwijslay-out van de Minderheid Township North Town optimaliseert, de integratie van de negenjarige advertentiemiddelschool en militaire veld primaire school, Zhongxing basisschool twee lespunten, gecombineerd in Dongxing School en concentreren zich op DOWXING sterk de laatste.

Op 14 februari Spring Semester, 404 studenten van 3 scholen, slechts een ochtend in slechts een ochtend, de registratieprocedure. "De actieve registratie kan de steun van de ouders van het Municiparty Committee en de gemeentelijke regering verklaren." Dongxing school president Wang zei.

Het nieuwe semester begint, zullen meer dan 400 transfers worden gemiddeld naar de overeenkomstige klasse.

Tijdelijke vluchtinvoering, studenten met accommodatie, alle scholen zijn vrij om accommodatie te regelen. Volgens de graadroute-vraag van de studenten is de school van toepassing op het gemeentelijke Bureau of Communications aan verschillende schoolbusroutes, bijna de verschillende administratieve dorpen in Peking Town. "Vervolgens zullen we ook de bouw van leraren versterken en het management van studenten versterken. Dit semester richt zich op het cultiveren van de goede gewoonten van studenten." Hij zei.

"Met de noordelijke universiteit en de lagere basisschool, ging Zhongxing de basisschool naar Dongxing School en de algemene ontwikkelingsontwikkeling heeft een cijfer verbeterd.

Lin Ran, vice-president van de noordelijke stad, zei. Ze introduceerde dat Beima-stad een minderheid van de stad in Wanning is. Het heeft eerder vier jaar uitgebreide scholen, onderwijsbronnen, wat leidt tot het lesniveau.

Het is duidelijk dat Dongxing School de laatste jaren de kwaliteit van loopscholen blijft verbeteren. In 2016 heeft de Hainan Provincial Regulation School ook een aantal eretitels ontvangen, zoals Campus voetbalkarakteristieken en Hainan beschaafde campus. "Wanning zal de lay-out van de primaire en middelbare school aanpassen aan Peking Town als een van de belangrijke voorgerechten van het plattelandsresidentie, zich concentreren op het doen van sterke dongxingscholen, zodat studenten kunnen genieten van hulpbronnen van hoge kwaliteit.

"Wanning gemeentelijke overheidseducatie heeft gezegd dat Wanning bijna 50 miljoen yuan heeft ge?nvesteerd, de schoolomstandigheden van Dongxing School volledig optimaliseren, inclusief de nieuwe constructie van 2 lesgebouwen en 1 studenten-slaapzaal in Dongxing School, het repareren van de cafetaria van de student. Groep van educatieve leerapparatuur enzovoort. Het Municipal Education Bureau zal ook het beheer van het management van Dongxing School volgen. Door de 3-jarige termijndoelbeoordeling zal het Municipal Education Bureau het schoolmanagementteam, de structuur van de tuning-leraar, de tuning-leraar, de tuning-lerarenstructuur optimaliseren en continu verbeteren de school van de school. Volgens Wan Ning City "14e vijfjaren" Education Development Plan, zal de stad de lay-out van de school verder aanpassen, de kwaliteit en een evenwichtige ontwikkeling van verplichte opleiding bevorderen en de concentratie van basisscholen beseffen en de concentratie van basisscholen beseffen Naar de stad, en geconcentreerd op belangrijke steden, middelbare school naar Wancheng Township. (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) Delen Laat meer mensen de client downloaden.

Vigorously develop green credit accelerate development climate investment

Vigorously develop green credit accelerate development climate investment

"The Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on In-depth Pollution Prevention and Conditioning Steps" issued a strong development of green credit accelerated development climate investment, Xinhua News Agency, on November 7, the right to release the "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on in-depth Pollution Prevention and Conducting".

"Opinions" proposed, vigorously develop green credit, green bonds, green funds, accelerate development climate investment, implement environmental pollution enforcement liability insurance in environmental high risk, strengthen the green financial performance evaluation of financial institutions.

The main goal of "Opinions" is: By 2025, the ecological environment continued to improve, the total amount of main pollutants continued to decline, and the total carbon dioxide emissions in the unit decreased by 18% in 2020, preferentially above the prefecture-level and above cities () The concentration drops by 10%, the amount of air quality is%, the ratio of surface water I-III water body reaches 85%, the water quality of the near-shore sea (1, two categories) reached 79%, heavy pollution weather, urban black odor Basic elimination, soil pollution risk is effective, solid waste and new pollutant governance ability, the quality and stability of ecosystems continue to increase, the ecological environmental governance system is more perfect, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved new progress.

By 2035, a green production lifestyle is widely formed. After the carbon emissions reached the peak, the ecological environment is fundamentally improved, and the beautiful China Construction goals are basically realized. "Opinions" from accelerating green low-carbon development, deeply laying on the blue sky to defend the war, deepen the water defense war before entering the water, and deepened the pure land defense war, effectively safeguard the ecological environment safety, improve the level of ecological environment, etc., etc. . "Opinions" proposed, in-depth propeloration of carbon-up peak action.

Treatment of decontamination and energy safety, industrial chain supply chain safety, food security, and normal life of the mass life, implement 2030 to address the target of climate change countries, energy, industrial, urban and rural construction, transportation and other fields and steel , Non-ferrous metals, building materials, petrochemical chemical and other industries are focused, and carbon-up peak action is carried out in-depth.

Under the premise of national unified planning, there is a conditional place and key industries, and key companies take the lead in the peak. Establish the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Building a national carbon emissions trading market, an orderly, enriching coverage, enriching transaction varieties and trading methods, and incorporating the national unified public resource trading platform. Reinforced non-carbon dioxide gas emission control of methane. Formulate national adaptation of climate change strategy 2035.

Vigorously promote low-carbon and adapt to climate change pilot work.

Improve the source statistics survey, accounting verification, supervision system, and incorporate greenhouse gas control into EIA management.

In the depth of the blue sky defending war, "Opinions" put forward, focusing on taking heavy pollution weather to eliminate warfare. By 2025, the national weight and above pollution days were controlled within 1%.

In addition, we will focus on hunting the prevention and control of ozone pollution.

Improve the method of monitoring the monitoring technology and emissions of volatile organic matter, after the maturity of the relevant conditions, the volatile organic matter is incorporated into the scope of environmental protection tax.

Promote ultra-low emission transformation of steel, cement, coking industry, key regional steel, coal-fired units, and coal-fired boilers to achieve ultra-low emissions. Carry out the gasket of gas industry cluster investigation and classification and management, promote enterprise upgrading and regional environment comprehensive rectification. By 2025, volatile organic matter, nitrogen oxide emissions fell more than 10% higher than 2020, and the growth trend of ozone concentration was effectively contained, and fine particulate matter and ozone coordinated control were achieved. In the improvement of the modernization of ecological environment governance, "Opinions" proposed, and improved ecological environmental economic policies.

Expand environmental protection, energy saving and water saving and other corporate income tax concessions, improve the green electricity price policy. Vigorously develop green credit, green bonds, green funds, speed up the development of climate investment, implement environmental pollution enforcement liability insurance in environmental high risk, strengthen the green financial performance evaluation of financial institutions.

Accelerate the propulsion of emission, use the power, and carbon emissions.

Comprehensively implement environmental credit evaluation, and play the guidance role of environmental protection integrated directory.

[Country Revitalization Bureau] Tibet’s poverty population in Tibet is 8612 yuan from January to August this year.

[Country Revitalization Bureau] Tibet’s poverty population in Tibet is 8612 yuan from January to August this year.

  Data maps Recently, in 2021, the whole district consolidated that the poverty campaign to the country with rural revitalization will be held in Tibet People’s Hall. Since this year, the Rural Zhenxing Bureau of the Autonomous Region has always regarded consolidating the expansion of the poverty results as the primary political task. It has always put the rural resolution as the main attack direction, deepening the transformation of the function, and the effect of working mechanism, compressing the responsibility, and paying attention to work, resolutely The bottom line does not occur in size returning.

  It is understood that this year, with the historical transfer of the "three rural" working center, the new historical mission of the rural resulinage department has imposed a political station, and the resolution of the resulinatically and the resonance is effective. The political responsibility of the connection work is on the shoulder, caught in the hand, implement it in action, based on the consolidation of the bottom line, tightening the development of "big learning, big discussion, big investigation", organizes the regional revitalization system cadres More than 600 people, participate in national effective connection network training, comprehensively enhance political stations and theoretical literacy; have organized 4 top training courses, and conduct centralized teaching of 1682 business backbone of the whole system, enhance policy level and work ability.

  At the same time, we will further unify the ideological understanding through policy research, grassroots research, solve problems, conduct pressure, etc. Promoting the work ideas of revitalization.

  The reporter learned from the meeting that the integration of finances were involved in farming funds, including the promotion of rural revitalization subsidies fund billions.

At the same time, it will strictly implement the monthly dispatch, season notification system, focusing, and unstable, the edge is easy to cause poor and sudden serious difficulties "three types of people", establish and improve risk warning, analyze and analyze, coordinate the "three mechanisms" To twist accurate identification, effectively help, risk eliminate "three key", realize dynamic cleaning, resolutely keep the bottom line. As of the end of September 2021, the accumulated identification of 6438 households 26,811 have eliminated the risk of 4,418 households, and there were more than 20,849,8498 monitoring objects.

  In addition, comprehensive strengthening of project subsequent management, carry out the registration of poverty alleviation assets, establishing the asset account of poverty alleviation projects; the interim Measures for led the development of the project fund performance management, safeguard the safety, normative and effectiveness of fund management; stably increase the results Continuously strengthen information data collection and entry; dynamically monitor the income income of the masses.

As of the end of August 20, 2021, it realized that the poverty population was transferred to employment; investing billions of dollars, 550 industrial support projects, and industrial projects continue to play. From January to August, the poverty population has a per capita net income of 8612 yuan. It is reported that in the face of the new mission of rural construction, the rural revitalization of the autonomous region is equally arranged for the support for fund billions, launching the implementation of the implementation of 100 rural renovation demonstration villages, and intensively promotes the exploration standards of rural construction, accumulating experience. In the face of the new task of rural governance, research and development of missionary work initiatives, actively cooperate with the organization, culture and talents to implement the party to promote rural revitalization, village help, etc. The rural governance system combined with Germany and shaped the civilization of the agricultural pastoral area.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Zhongji Zhi City settled in Shunde Chencun will build an international intelligent industry community

Zhongji Zhi City settled in Shunde Chencun will build an international intelligent industry community

  On July 31, "Bay Area · Unbounded Zhi City" – Shunde Chencun Investment Promotion Conference and China Ji Zhi City launching ceremony was held in Shunde Chencun.

The event attracted more than 100 enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and the relevant departments of the various departments of the departments of Shunde District.

A group of major industrial projects signed the landing of Chencun Zhongji Zhi City.

  The event site. Xinhuanet issued "3, 2, 1, started!" A new project in the innovation industry based on the Dawan District – China Ji Town launched the construction in Xianyong Industrial Zone in Chencun Town. In the future, here will focus on the development of artificial intelligence industry, relying on the co-development of Guangfo and Bay Area, build a new new industrial community and Shunde’s first international intelligent industry community.

  It is reported that Zhongji Zhi City covered by 170,000 square meters is the "Live Take Reserve" project leading to Chencun’s first work reform. Shenzhen Zhongji Production City Development Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: China Collection).

The project will create a set of research and development office, manufacturing, hatching acceleration, interrogation, creative display, business leisure, in one of the big bay areas. At the launching ceremony, 12 enterprises and units such as Guangdong Gao Yuan Investment Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Guokin Name Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have signed intentional agreements with the Chinese collection production city, which has both manufacturing leading companies in the field. Emerging technology-type innovative enterprises, there are industry associations of agglomeration advantage industrial resources, involving electronic information, Internet of Things, commercial appliances and other fields. The settlement of Zhongji Zhicheng is just a epitome.

It is reported that Chen Village has released nearly 10,000 mu of urban development space through more than three years, and continued to deepen the development layout of "one city and one core of one city", and do a good job in the village to change the "second half article". Among them, "One City" refers to Chencun New City, "one core" refers to the Sanlong Bay green core, "three districts" refers to the core ecological science and technology demonstration area of ??Sanlong Bay, high-end intelligent equipment industry demonstration area, Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao Science and Technology Transformation Demonstration Zone.

Waarom is de Herfst van de Gele Rivier dit jaar?

Waarom is de Herfst van de Gele Rivier dit jaar?

De afdeling Water Conservancy bracht een bericht uit op de 10e. Dit jaar, de herfstvloed in de Gele Rivier, Han River en Haihe River Bassin dit jaar. De Gele River Xiaolang Bowl Reservoir heeft een maximale rijst met waterniveau sinds 20 uur in de 9e, en het Hanjiang Danjiangkou-reservoir is 14 uur op de 10e. Op 170 meter heeft het Haohe Yuecheng-reservoir in het stroomgebied Haihe het hoogste waterniveau.

De herfstsituatie in de Gele Rivier en het stroomgebied van Haihe is nog steeds erg ernstig. Het reservoir van Danjiangkou heeft tot 170 meter normaal wateropslag gevaren, wat betekent dat Hanjiang Qiu in principe veilig is.

Sinds eind augustus dit jaar heeft Hanjiang meer dan 20 jaar herfstvloed genomen.

Danjiangkou Reservoir Herfst heeft in totaal ongeveer 34 miljard kubieke meter geaccumuleerd, wat ongeveer 4 keer meer dan dezelfde periode is.

Het ministerie van Nationale Defensie, de minister van Water Conservancy, Li Guoying, hield de afdeling Waterbronnen, gehouden in de afdeling Waterbronnen, gehouden in de 10e, "Defense herfst werk is in de meest kritieke fase, de verdedigingssituatie is nog steeds serieus . "

Na de deskundige analyse zei Wang Chunqing, die het informatiecentrum van de afdeling Waterbronnen werd, zei Huang Comité: Sinds eind augustus dit jaar is de Northwest Pacific Side tropische hoge druk abnormaal, en de zuidwestelijke natte luchtstroom en Zuidoost-warme vochtstroom langs de subtropische hoge druk. Tegelijkertijd is de koude luchtactiviteit van de westelijke wind vaak, vaak een bezoek aan het midden van de gele rivier, zodat de luchtkoele lucht blijft van plan zijn van plan te zijn om van plan te zijn om van plan te zijn om van plan te zijn om van plan te zijn te zijn heb dit jaar speciale extreem zeldzame herfstregen.

Deskundigen zeggen dat van eind augustus tot nu toe de cumulatieve regenval in de stroomafwaartse van de gele rivier 2-5 keer het gemiddelde aantal maaltijden is. Tegelijkertijd is de grootste zijrivier van de gele rivier meer dan 2 keer meer jaarlijks, De ILO-rivier en de Lihe kunnen niet naar water komen, de geschiedenis heeft de grootste geschiedenis, en het is bijna 6 keer het gemiddelde gedurende vele jaren. Wang Chunqing zei dat er dit jaar nog steeds een meer prominent aanwezig is. De rivier de Weihe, de rivier de Elo en de rivier de Dawen steeg in hetzelfde water, waardoor een grotere overstroming in de Gele Rivier vormt. Deze situatie is ook zeldzaam, wat ook wordt veroorzaakt dit jaar. Een van de redenen voor de herfst. Bovendien wordt gezegd dat het na 16 oktober wordt be?nvloed door een sterke koude lucht. De sub-tropische hoge druk zal gehecht worden. De regen in het gele rivierbassin zal in principe voorbij zijn. Hoewel de regenval, vanwege dit grotere In de stroomafwaartse van de gele rivier zal het stroomproces lang duren, en de herfst in de gele rivier zal naar verwachting eindigen in het midden en eind oktober.

Ge?ntegreerd Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News, etc. (Editor: Jiang Guo, Huang SA) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Why did Zhou Enqi have developed this "ten family rules" to relatives?

Why did Zhou Enqi have developed this "ten family rules" to relatives?

  China New Network Beijing April 8th (Guo Chaokai) The capital of the world in the country, the country is at home, the Chinese nation has always had a tradition of homework and family regulations. Zhou Enlai and other generations of the leaders of the Communist Party of China are clear and honest, and their relatives are demanding strict, and their excellent home has left endless spiritual wealth to future people.

  At the beginning of the new China, many relatives and friends came to Zhou Prime Minister, hoping to seek a semi-employment in the new government. For this kind of atmosphere, Zhou Enlai is very disgusted.

  In order to block the back door, Zhou Enlai has set up ten furnitures that have been spread to relatives for relatives, namely: The younger generation is not allowed to leave the job desk to visit him; from the people who live in the hospitality; go to the canteen to queue a meal; Tickets, do not use the court; do not allow guest gifts; do not use the public’s car; if you can do it in your own life, don’t act in someone else; life should be difficult; don’t say the relationship with the prime minister, don’t show off yourself; Profit, do not engage in specialization. This detailed and meticulous ten families are both Zhou Enlai’s specific requirements for relatives, and it is also a true portrayal of its clean and honest, and has established examples for the party members and cadres.

In Zhou Enlai, the relatives are not just the relatives, and there is a home, and there is relatives.

When dealing with relatives, he insists on principles, strict requirements, do not engage in special, and do not seek private.

  Although Zhou Enlai did not have children, there were many prostitutes who were asks such as their own nephew, but he never used powers to seek private interests for the younger generation, sometimes even rejected some reasonable care.

Zhou Rui is Zhou Enlai, and it is also a martyr. In 1952, Zhou Yishui received a support from Beijing, and left the Beijing Iron and Steel College after graduation. In order to solve the problem of separation between husband and wife after marriage, the Beijing Iron and Steel Academy has handled the lifetime of Huai’an to Beijing for the lover of Huai’an.

  In those years, China has suffered serious natural disasters, and Beijing has largely compressed population. After Zhou Enlai learned, he patiently advised Zhou Hui, as a relatives of the Prime Minister, to take the lead in implementing policy provisions, and not engage in specialization. After some opening, Zhou Hui and the lover listened to Zhou Enlai’s suggestion, gave up the procedures that had been made and went back to Huai’an. As the national prime minister, Zhou Enlai took the responsibility and dedicated to the first place, and carefully handled the good relationship with everyone. When dealing with national matters and daily affairs, he always regards himself as the public servant of the people, and never lets the homes’ things.

  Zhou Enlai’s ten families are an excellent textbook for cultivating party members and cadres.

It is like a mirror, which is warned that leading cadres should take good rights, use good rights, how to get good power, family off. Train the Chinese Communist Party of the 100-year development process, as Zhou Enlai is astringent, and the story of honest and honest is still a lot.

For example, Chen Yi and his parents have repeatedly proceeded to do things from the name of the Mayor of Shanghai, they must not use bus, one minute and one point. When Peng Dehuai worked for the full army, Peng Dehuai was in the military rank of his nephew.

Xu Haidong refused her daughter Xu Wenjin to work in the city to persuade her home. She is a small family for everyone, these older generation revolutionaries are made by themselves, starting from their own, putting the housework in an important position, and made an example for us.

  The home of party members and cadres, not only related to their families, but also related to the party political style.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the senior leading cadres of the CPC CPC, to manage family members and staff, resolutely oppose privileged phenomena, and establish a good domestic family. At the moment, party members and cadres still have to promote the formation of a clean party style with a good home, prevent the pillow wind to become a guided fire of corruption, prevent children from playing their own banners, prevent people from pulling themselves, take the lead Integrity and self-discipline. (over).

Yu Baiji: This generation of movie people grow up, mature in repeated and audience interaction.

Yu Baiji: This generation of movie people grow up, mature in repeated and audience interaction.

People’s Network Qingdao October 13th, on the morning of October 13, 2021 smart audiovisual meeting wonderful continued, China Movie Review Summit was held in the Red Island International Convention and Exhibition Center, Qingdao High-tech Zone.

Famous screenwriter, director, producer Yu Budou from the perspective of creation, chatting for the sound of the sound of the sound of the film, hoping to get the audience’s suggestions in their own growth, hoping to get the guidance of theory and criticism, thus improving the height of the creation.

Yu Baiji said that for the first-line creators, we must also distinguish between rational sounds and illegitimate criticism.

When we look at the relatively clear vision, we can still find some of the rationality from all comments.

Yu Buti has started from individual movie creation practices, and it is considered that these comments are the most important ladder in the process of movie people.

The completion of a work is actually a growth in the spirit of the director. This growth is not until the end of the shooting, and it is usually until the release. After the release, I will listen to the audience’s various sounds. It is the most valuable thing to shoot to the audience. All comments caused by the audience are the most valuable thing for the movie.

Yu Bugei said that there is no repetition every time, and each creation is very fresh.

In the movie creation, most director is more important than practice. The theorists are more focused on theory. The practice that ultimately can lead to the conclusions are quite limited, so they have to be from the critics. Some picky sounds can take the part of the theory. The complement of the movie body theory is also allowed to make the filmmaker to improve the work, and the audience has once again interactively. Yu Baiji believes that this generation of movie people grow, mature in repeated and audience interactions, "should say that I and my partners, we communicate the most is the voice of the audience, the audience’s voice so far is still our best teacher. "(Editor: Chen Qiunan, Shenning) Sharing let more people see.

The secret judgment of the technical secret is 159 million yuan! How is this money?

The secret judgment of the technical secret is 159 million yuan! How is this money?

Original title: The secret judgment of the technical secret is worthy of charge! How is this money? On February 26th, the secret case of the violation of the anti-technical secret case in the history of the people’s courts came to an end.

The Supreme People’s Court conducted a pronunciation of Jiaxing Zhonghua Chemical Co., Ltd. and other infringement techniques such as Wanglong Group Co., Ltd., and sentenced to the prosecuting the prosecuted Wanglong Group Co., Ltd. and other compensation technology secrets.

  The technical secret involved in this case is a process of producing vanillin.

Viangland is a widely used spices worldwide. The plaintiff in this case Jiaxing City, China Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly developed new processes from the production of vanillin, and protected as technical secrets. Zhu Zi, Vice President of the IP Tribunal, the Supreme People’s Court, said in an interview that the case did not apply penalty compensation, and it was considering the right to litigate the claim and the new legacy.

The technical secrets of this case only advocate the loss caused by infringement in 2011-2017, and the provisions of "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" on April 23, 2019.

The judgment pointed out that the rights of the rights of the defendant in the case of the case after 2018, can seek relief in accordance with the law. "This case did not apply punitive compensation, and did not use the original court to calculate the amount of compensation on statutory compensation.

Instead, it is calculated using the method of the actual profit from the losses of the right holder or the infringement. Zhu Zi said. During the calculation of the compensation of this case, the Supreme People’s Court Intellectual Property Tribunal considers the analysis report provided by the economic expert provided by the right holder. In the analysis report, the right holder put forward three calculations: First, according to Calculation of business profit in the right holder; Second, according to sales profit calculations; third, according to the loss of price erosion, three different calculations, the amount of compensation is not the same.

  In the end, the Supreme People’s Court’s Intellectual Property Tribunal, in this case, the infringer chosen the actual sales of at least 2,000 tons during the period of 2011-2017 as sales, multiplying the price and profit margin of the right to sell vianga, and got an infringent Sales profit generated by infringement.

  Zhu Zi said that this compensation method is reasonable. "First, this infringement has a serious infringement plot, and the infringement means is more bad. The subjective deliberate intention is more evident, the viciousness is strong, the time is long. Secondly, some infringers, such as Wang Long Technology, etc., actually in infringement. The company, its purpose and its operational behavior is mainly to use the technical secrets of others to produce vanillin.

In addition, the rights of the rights of the rights of the case and the infringent enterprises are the main enterprises in China.

Due to the illegal acquisition of the illegal acquisition and use of the right to enter the market, the price of rights in the rights will decline sharply, and the market share has also been significantly reduced, and the loss is huge. "According to the economic loss related data provided by the rights, considering the violations of infringement, the technical secrets involved in the case, the infringers such as Wang Long Technology Co., Ltd. refuses to implement the effectiveness of the effective behavior policy, the Supreme People’s Court Intellectual Property Tribunal Judgment Withdrawing the judgment, the above-mentioned infringement joint compensation technology secret rights holder billion yuan (including reasonable rights costs of 3.49 million yuan). Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court of Intellectual Property Tribunal, said that this case change amount is reached from 100 million yuan. It has so far, so far, the people’s courts have tried the highest compensation for the highest compensation.

"In the future, we will further increase intellectual property damage compensation work, and there will be more and more high-value proven cases.

"It is worth mentioning that in violation of technical secret cases, the secret point of technical secrets and prove is one of the most important difficulties. Zhu Zi introduced that in this case, in addition to explaining its business secrets And instructions, the right holder also provides an appraisal opinion provided by the appraisal agency, which has helped the court to determine the secret point. (Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Lu Wei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.