[Coal preservation is in action] Shanxi has shipped 15.66 million tons of 14 provinces and crescent products as of 14 provinces and cities as of November 10

[Coal preservation is in action] Shanxi has shipped 15.66 million tons of 14 provinces and crescent products as of 14 provinces and cities as of November 10

Yellow River News Network News (Reporter Zhou Li) On November 12, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Energy Administration, Shanxi actively exerts the mission of energy in energy, actively implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s work, and ensuring the masses Warm winter decision deployment, as of November 10, it has shipped 15.66 million tons of electric coal in 14 provinces and cities. At the end of September, Shanxi and 14 provinces and districts such as Hebei, Shandong, and Jiangsu were signed in the fourth quarter of coal for a long time. After the first time, Shanxi is working, measures and holds the energy supply.

Promoting the production capacity of coal mines. Because of October 2021, Shanxi Province organized experts to complete the report review and on-site verification of 39 nuclear increasing capacity coal mines, and the net increase production capacity was expected to increase production of 41 million tons / year.

The country has launched the 42 coal mines in our province to protect the coal mine. It is currently 96 million tons / year, and the net increase production capacity is 40.9 million tons / year.

Up to now, the province has completed 17 on-site verification and report review of coal mines in our province. Take strong measures to ensure power supply.

Use 10 days of electric coal inventory to ensure that the coal storage coal is not less than 7 days of police quit line; doing electricity emergency disposal, simultaneous measures from power generation side and load, start an orderly power supply plan to ensure that the province "does not Limited to electricity; fully stabilize electricity delivery, focus on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to ensure the safety of electricity in the capital area; in advance, it should be influenced by extreme weather in the winter, rain and snow in winter.

Fully organize the overlay of long-term contractual power generation in the province.

Organizational power generation and heat transfer enterprises are docked with coal enterprises, ensuring that there is a coal available in the fourth quarter, and also requires the price of the contract in accordance with the national clear pricing policy. As of November 10, the provincial power generation and supply enterprises supplemented 48.62 million tons of coal supply and demand, including 42.4 million tons of medium and long-term contracts. The current coal demand in the province has reached a full coverage of medium and long-term contracts. On the basis of contract signed, the synchronous urges the contract to honor the contract, and protect the coal demand for electricity supply in the province. Actively promote the progress of clean heating. In order to promote clean heating, the province, especially in Jinbei, in the Jinbei 3, in all directions, and the current progress of cleaning and heating is progressing smoothly and has achieved remarkable results. As of 5, November 5, the province’s clean heating program has been transformed from 10,000 households and completed the transformation of 10,000 households and completion rates.

Among them: concentrated heating to complete 10,000 households, "coal change" to complete 10,000 households, "coal to gas" to complete 10,000 households, biomass, and other 10,000 users. Next, the province’s energy insurance will focus on the following five aspects: do a good job in coal stability production, and strive to increase coal supply; promote the conservation of contractual compliance, ensure 14 provinces, electric coal safety and stable supply; increase the coordination of coordination, Guarantee the demand for coal from electricity supply enterprises in the province; increase subsidies, actively protect clean coal supply; strengthen energy operation monitoring and analysis, timely emergency prevention, ensuring energy insurance, safe and stable operation.

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Twenty-second Shenzhen Reading Month "to open a new horizon."

Twenty-second Shenzhen Reading Month "to open a new horizon."

Original title: twenty-second Shenzhen Reading Month "to open a new horizon," October 28, Shenzhen Reading Month twenty-second press conference held at the Civic Center.

Reporters at the meeting was informed that this Reading Month to "open a new vision" for the annual theme, put forward "1 + 3 (N)" active architecture, the introduction of more than 260, more than 1,400 field reading and cultural activities, and for the first time to set up each distinction the venue, adhere to the "quality" principle "taste", "character", highlight the "global, panorama, universal, all-media" characteristics, both active-matrix construct cultural taste and pioneer spirit, set off a wave of Pengcheng reading. 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, Shenzhen, but also a time "dual zone" Drive, golden development period "dual zone" superimposed usher in "double-change" model and the construction of major historic opportunity to advance the rule of law model city of socialism with Chinese characteristics . To this end, between November 1 to 30 dates this month will be higher pursuit of reading, updating and greater sound quality, to create a new national reading event.

  The introduction of three plates, positioning more distinctive Shenzhen Reading Month is the founder of the first and largest masses Reading Festival, Shenzhen is an important cultural card. Uphold and continue reading the previous month accumulated rich philosophy and practice, this condensed Reading Month "cultural alarm clock" "Urban Gathering" "Reading Festival" three functional orientation, and as a basis to build three large sections activities. Among them, the "cultural alarm clock" will be released through the organization of forums, reading classic brand items Humanities signal, the dissemination of culture, leading the value orientation; "Urban Gathering" is held by "When the design of all met all literature" and other activities build a total reading of the talk, thought the collision of cultural platform; ten books, children’s books and other ten people loved the contest will be included in "reading festival" to create everyone involved, reading colorful feast. In addition, this month will continue to strengthen reading city, district linkage, first established distinguish each venue, launched covering all districts and grassroots activity matrix. Third Shenzhen Book Fair will also be held simultaneously in reading during the month.

  Read innovation attitude, more focused theme of this month to study "opens a new vision" for the annual theme, contemplation current environment, respond to readers hot, open the future horizon. It is understood that more than 1,400 field activities will be held during the month of reading the future as the focus, focus science popularization, ecological museum, geographical discovery, interplanetary exploration, and create the future, sci-fi imagination and other fields.

Specifically, in response to readers concerned reading this month will focus on global issues and hot spots spread all media era, echoing the new direction of the reading public knowledge craving; in the focus of urban development, the reading is to show the new node on the Shenzhen city enabling new attitude; on the international outlook, reading month echo digitization, full media, after the outbreak of the times, a new pattern of development, a new global ecology and the country’s new opportunities. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the three main themes plate, reading this month will launch an annual Juxian, namely annual "tribute to the founding of years" special planning, organizing "new level" classic poetry readings, "development bigger picture "" shine a century literary classic "literary lectures, presented by classical poetry interpretation and heavy subject matter experts, show a century of glorious history of the party to the public audience. Enhance the quality of activities, quality more intensive since 2000 to date, Shenzhen Reading Month has been successfully held for 21 sessions, always adhere to the "quality" and "quality", "character." As the city’s large-scale mass reading activities, reading this month will give full play to the function of the spread of the image of the city, urban IP as a clue to strengthen cross-border linkage and culture in the eye.

  On the basis of past inter-city cultural exchange on reading, reading this month to upgrade inter-city activities, planned "when design meets all the literature of all" series, inviting Shenzhen (City of Design) designer and Nanjing (literature capital) dialogue writer, set the Twins exhibition in the eye and so on. At the same time, this will strengthen Reading Month enhance the brand image, inviting well-known designer of Reading Month primary visual system, the functional orientation of Reading Month, quality content strengthened in the visual image. To define the quality of the brand, to taste creation of a city, to unite character reader. During the reading month, many well-known writers, cultural scholars will be invited to be a guest in Shenzhen to urban interaction of ideological inspiration wisdom, improve reading tastes, together to create "knowledge carnival." Which, by the public audience favorite "Shenzhen Reading Forum" will be invited Genghua Jun, Li Shuan Branch, Jiang Xiaoyuan, Liu Huajie, Liu Qing and other famous scholars will carry out four games theme to talk about, and extend the brand project, invited Wang Jingsheng, Zhou Guoping, Ge Jianxiong, etc. guests expand a field highlight of the "reading and urban innovation" high-end dialogue. Create "4 all" more innovative features, different organizations with the previous month reading, reading this month due prominence "global, panorama, universal, all-media" campaign features.

  Specifically, the total reading through Hong Kong and Macao to carry out deep Carnival, deep three places were reading and other activities, to strengthen the Bay Area Guangdong, Hong Kong and abroad linkage, so that scholarly radiation national and global reach "global"; held "deep reading space "selection and commuting activities and multimedia multi-media multi-scene communication, show the city cultural space, experience the beauty of Shenzhen beauty and reading, the realization of" panorama "; the" top ten books, "" Top ten Children’s books "selection, cozy reading sleepless night, network literature and science fiction Writers’ week and other activities, taking into account the needs of different groups of people reading, reading promotion activities to promote "universal" coverage; timely dissemination activities, for the entire month of reading, matrixed "all media" to spread. (Reporter Jiao Ziyu) (Editor: Chen Yu column, Li language) share to allow more people to see.

Some brigade in the Tibet Military Region: Commonization Assessment is randomized

Some brigade in the Tibet Military Region: Commonization Assessment is randomized

"No. 1 Tatrace is exposed, immediately transferred to Tu 4 …" Recently, a tour of Tibet Military Region was equipped in a strange waters. The assessment is closely to the actual requirements, and there is an effective inspection of the officers and men’s overseas performance, all regional combat capabilities. "How to play, how to practice.

"The leadership leadership introduced, they focus on the core combat power of the unit, using the field stationary and other timors to carry out full-time period, all region training, and organize officers and men under complex conditions under complex conditions. Training and normalization assessment.

In response to the lack of problems in the training assessment, they set solutions one by one to list detailed plans, and have targeted specialistism, complement the officers and soldiers.

"The road is in front of the road is polluted by chemical toxic toxic and cannot be passed." On the way to the unit, "enemy" suddenly arrived. The anti-chemical professional team immediately finds an advantageous terrain, causing chemical reconnaissance in the upper wind of the attacked road, and rapidly reporting the test results.

Subsequently, washing the team before implementing the road washing, the reconnaissance team once again re-inspected confirmation, the officers quickly passed.

The author saw that the health ambulance was tense in the night, and the equipment was used to change the unloading field … Reference officers and soldiers moved quickly, fit close, quickly dispose of a variety of "enemy", excellent completion tasks. "This assessment does not greet the whole process, randomly, and there are many difficulties, and our actual combat skills have also been effectively inspected." Walking down the examination room, a cadre said.

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The 9th Chinese Rigo Conference opened in Fuzhou

The 9th Chinese Rigo Conference opened in Fuzhou

  The November 12th, the November China Rulings Association and the 4th Strait Hanfu Culture Festival opening ceremony.On the same day, the Ninth Chinese Rigo Conference and the 4th Strait Hanfu Culture Festival opened in Fuzhou.During the event, Hanfu entered the city ritual, the ceremon tea culture, Yaqi, the ritual theme incense culture show and other activities.Xinhua News Agency, Lin Shanchuan, photographed on November 12th, the actor performs in the opening ceremony of the Ninth Chinese Rigo Conference and the 4th Straits Hanfu Culture Festival.

Xinhua News Agency, Lin Shanchuan, photographed on November 12th, the actor performs in the opening ceremony of the Ninth Chinese Rigo Conference and the 4th Straits Hanfu Culture Festival.Xinhua News Agency, Lin Shanchuan, photographed on November 12th, the actor performs in the opening ceremony of the Ninth Chinese Rigo Conference and the 4th Straits Hanfu Culture Festival.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin Shan passed.

Voor landelijke studenten beter morgen

Voor landelijke studenten beter morgen

  Onderwijs is de basis. Onderwijs is een fundamentele manier om het zelf te verbeteren, het cre?ren van een beter leven is een belangrijke basis voor de voortgang van de sociale ontwikkeling, en de distributie van educatieve hulpbronnen is ook gerelateerd aan sociale eerlijkheid. Lange tijd heeft de opleiding van mijn land problemen met kwaliteit van het hoogwaardige en grote stedelijke en landelijke gaten. Hoe de bouw van landelijke leraren te versterken en hoe de toewijzing van de onderwijsbeurs te optimaliseren en de leden van de wedstrijd weer te geven.

  "Jianqiang Rural Team Team" Er is geen goed lerarenteam, de ontwikkeling van het plattelandsonderwijs wordt niet gepraat. "Liu Zhongkui, plaatsvervangend hoofdcomité van het Nationaal Comité van China, Deputy Main Comité, Noordwest Normal University, is van mening dat de huidige leraren hebben problemen bestaan ??zoals grote leeftijd, educatieve concepten en veroudering van kennisstructuur. Het fenomeen van landelijke leraren is in het algemeen bestaand aan het fenomeen van de stad, en sommige plaatsen hebben een serieus verlies van leraren voor ruggengraat. Hoe laat je uitstekende leraren in het land achter? Vertegenwoordiger van het National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Tak van Wat Shi Town, District Xiuyu, Putian City, Provincie Fujian, Zeng Yunying, zal zich richten op het verbeteren van de behandeling van dorpen en dorpen.

Ze suggereerde dat het noodzakelijk is om het prestatiebereik van de leraar te verbeteren en het stimuleringsmechanisme te verdelen en de leraren van de leeftijdsvergoedingen van leraren en klasse Master-emissierechten op de juiste manier te verbeteren, zodat leraren echt een sociaal respect en benijdenswaardige beroep worden. Het aandeel van hoge leraren op de juiste manier verbeteren en de professionele ontwikkelingsruimte van leraren uitbreiden.

  "In de afgelopen jaren is de school in de hoofdsector van de grens-etnische gebieden, het onderwijsniveau erg snel, maar muziek, kunst en sport zijn erg schaars, vaak bediend door andere onderwerpen.

"Vertegenwoordiger van het National People’s Congress, Liu Lei, plaatsvervangend Township, Tongjiang Township, Tongjiang Street, de Provincie Heilongjiang, zei dat de huidige structurele tegenstrijdigheid in het dorps- en stadsleraren, de intensiteit van professionele leraren zoals stevige schoonheid, en meeneemt, zou moeten verhogen Studenten in plattelandsgebieden van hoge kwaliteit kwaliteitsonderwijs.

  Het optimaliseren van het Education Resource Configuration Representative Committee is het erover eens dat terwijl het volledig aanvullen van de kloof, het ook nodig is om het onderwijsbronnen te maximaliseren door de lay-out en digitale technologie te optimaliseren. Het Congresvertegenwoordiger van het National People, voorzitter en CEO van Tencent Board of Directors, versterken de constructie van landelijke kleinschalige scholen en township-instapscholen, om de hardwarefaciliteiten van de school te verzekeren, aandacht te besteden aan het cultiveren van de uitgebreide kwaliteit van landelijke studenten, en continu verbeteren van de behandeling van landelijke leraren.

  "Veel basisscholen voor dorpsniveau in afgelegen gebieden kunnen jonge leraren niet vertrouwen." Leden van het nationale comité van de politieke raadpleging van het Chinese volk, de directie van de plaatsvervangend provincie van Guangxi Luocheng 仫 族 自 县, duiden op De lay-out van "bronconcentratie, de concentratie van de leraar" het principe, krachtig bevorderen van de constructie van gestandaardiseerde instapscholen en vermijdt verspilling van middelen en leraren middelen als gevolg van lay-outdispersie.

  De toepassing en popularisatie van nieuwe technologie?n, enigszins elimineren van tijd- en ruimtebarrière, die meer mogelijkheden bieden om de kwaliteit van het onderwijs in plattelandsgebieden te verbeteren. MA Huateng stelde voor om de constructie van landelijke informatie-infrastructuur te vergroten, om een ??digitaal platform te cre?ren dat betrekking heeft op middelen voor plattelandsonderwijs, het verdiepen van het begrip en het begrip van de stedelijke en landelijke adolescenten en begrip van boeren, en het platteland van het landelijke adolescenten versterken. Zhu Dingjian, lid van het Nationaal Comité van China, voorzitter en Chief Executive President, vertrouwt op internettechnologie, onderwijsbronnen in ontwikkelde regio’s kunnen "Champion" zijn, uitstekende leraren voeren real-time online video door via het netwerk en online realtime interactie, het bereiken van het delen van uitstekende lesgevende klaslokalen en docenten middelen. Landelijke revitalisering, talent is sleutel, onderwijs is een belangrijk middel om talenten te kweken. Naar de mening van MA Huateng is het noodzakelijk om de verplichte opleiding te garanderen, maar ook het belang hechten aan plattelandsonderwijs, door middel van beroepsonderwijs, de dorp revitalisering en transport professionele talenten. Hij suggereert dat de ontwikkeling van het beroepsonderwijs voor plattelandsgebieden versnelt, waardoor de bouw van ouderdomsdiensten, woningdiensten, enz. Versterkt, enz. Werkgelegenheidshulp, begeleidende schoolbedrijven om geavanceerde technologie en octrooien op het gebied van landbouweconomie in te incuberen.

What are the common faults of home coffee machines? Coffee machine common fault processing method

What are the common faults of home coffee machines? Coffee machine common fault processing method

Among life likes to drink coffee, especially those who like to drink their own coffee, should all know the Dragon coffee machine, the brand’s coffee machine is welcomed by many people, because it matches the quality of the coffee, but because of coffee. The machine belongs to the electrical product, so there will be some faults during the use process. Today, we will share with you a common fault and processing method of Delong coffee machine.

1 2, the green light is not bright, the specific reason is that the power supply of the coffee machine is not connected, or the door in front of the coffee machine is not closed, the solution is to connect the power supply and close the door in front of the coffee machine.

3, the speed of the coffee is too slow, or it is very difficult to have coffee, the specific reason is that the coffee powder is too thick or too fine, the solution is to re-adjust the thickness of the coffee powder. 4, the red light is often bright, the specific reason is that the coffee machine’s water tank is short of water or the coffee beans, the solution is to put the coffee machine machine, then add water in the water tank and reope with coffee beans, if the red light is still often Bright, rotary steam hot water knob will solve the problem of the water tube in the steam tube.

5. After using a period of time, the water flow of the coffee machine is less, the specific reason is usually too much dirt inside the coffee machine. The method solved is to go to the dirt inside the coffee machine. The method of removal is very simple, using the coffee machine decent reduction agent, pour it into the water tank of the coffee machine, press the detergent button, and wait for the coffee machine to automatically clear. Editor in charge: kJ005.

The 16 provinces and districts linkage "100-year journey · Times Huazhang" excellent work collection activities attract attention

The 16 provinces and districts linkage "100-year journey · Times Huazhang" excellent work collection activities attract attention

Participants jointly launched the event.

Chen Yanhui photographed the secretary of the Hebei Provincial Wenlian Parties, and Shi Jianwei, who said in a speech, in the whole party, in-depth study and implementation of the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, the literary and art circles welcomes the 11th Wen Shengshi for the country, Hebei Province Text-term planning organized this collection activity.

Since the initiation of the event, participate in extensive participation, enthusiastic, especially the strong support of 15 provinces (districts, municipal) documents, in particular this time, jointly hosted, will expand the coverage and participation of activities, enhance the authority and impact of activities force. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Weilian Party Group, Vice-Chairman Bao Yinshan and member of the Hubei Provincial Wenlian Party Group, Vice-President Wang Yongping has given a speech.

They believe that the election activity is to adhere to the people-centered creation orientation, with excellent cultural work to meet the people’s spiritual life, and enhance the spiritual strength of the people, will further highlight the spiritual value and educational role of literary works, and cohesive Concentrically build a strong spiritual power of the Chinese dream. Among the activities, the person in charge of the document (district, city), and the artist sent a blessing in the cloud link. Artists from Hebei, Inner Mongolia, and Hubei brought the audience to the Sihe drums, dance and other programs, and the wonderful performance won the applause.

It is understood that the "Hundred Years Journey, Time Huazhang", the election activities of the masses of the people, the election activities of the song, Lu Yi, and dance have been launched on December 3, and the collection of art workers and enthusiasts will continue until January 25, 2022. day. The judge group composed of experts will conduct first review on the collection of literary arts, from the neutral song works, 50 songs and dance works, and recommend it to society. According to the results of the netizens, 20 people loved works and 20 finalists in songs, and 10 people loved works and 10 finalists were selected in the art and dance works.

(Wei Huibo) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Ten Pape 10 Inspection Provincial Party Network Network Office Work Mobilization will be held

Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Ten Pape 10 Inspection Provincial Party Network Network Office Work Mobilization will be held

Zhao Xiaodong emphasized that the inspection is comprehensive from the strict control of the party, and it is the strategic institutional arrangement of the party’s supervision.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It is the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is also the year of the 11th Provincial Party Committee to inspect all coverage. The Provincial Party Network Network Office should improve the political station and understand the connotation requirements for the inspection work of the new era.

A deep understanding of the political, seriousness, and high political consciousness of the provincial party committee, high political consciousness, and actively accept the "political physical examination", unifying thoughts and actions to the party Central Committee and the provincial party committee decision-making deployment, and earnestly fulfilling The subject’s responsibility, enhance the consciousness and firmness of patrol work. It is necessary to stick to political supervision and position, resolutely implement political inspection requirements.

The inspector group will take the new era of socialist socialism in the new era, and control the party rules of the party regulations and policies and party civil decision-making deployments, the party’s central decision-making deployment, and focus on the patrol party to organize functional responsibility, key supervision and inspection of the provincial party committee network office to implement the party The theoretical route policy and the central and provincial government’s major decision-making deployment, implementation of the situation of strict governance of party strategy, implement the organizational route of the new era, implement inspection, audit, etc., "unforgettable, remember the mission The Rectification of theme Education Viewing Problem.

Zhao Xiaodong pointed out that this inspection work is a common political responsibility of the provincial party committee inspection team and the provincial party committee.

The Provincial Party Committee Web Office leadership team and party members and cadres should strengthen their responsibility, and fully support the cooperation of inspections, effectively enhance the consciousness of accepting supervision, and do a good job in coordination, information, service guarantee, epidemic prevention and control, and ensure inspections Ordered is effective.

It is necessary to take the inspection of the inspection, put the rectification work in the inspection process, the problem of looking for yourself before the inspection, you should smell the wind, you must change it; to the problem pointing out in the inspection, to twist the unrestrained, stand up and change; After the problem of post feedback, the research should be co-ordinated and fully rectified. The housing said that this inspection is a comprehensive "political physical examination" for members of the party members, especially the members of the provincial party committee, and is a major decision to implement the Party Central Committee and Provincial Party Committee for nearly three years. The "overall inspection" of the deployment work has fully reflected the attention of the provincial party committee to the work of Neticin and the leadership of the Provincial Committee, and the party members and cadres carefully loved.

The Provincial Party Member, the leadership team and all party members and cadres must stand political highness, deeply understand the significance of inspector, and resolutely support the provincial party committee decision, sincerely welcome the inspection team to enter the inspection, put this inspection as a gap, transform the style , Advancing the important opportunity of high quality development in Net letter, with a distinctive political attitude, high idea, and do not compromise the inspection requirements.

The members of the leader should play a good demonstration role, take the initiative to put themselves in, take the lead to accept supervision, take the lead in obeying discipline, take the lead in reviewing the problem, and resolutely serve, actively cooperate with inspection.

The leadership team must resolutely fulfill the party’s party’s political responsibility, and conscientiously organize the implementation of inspection and rectification tasks, focus on catching, caught in the bottom to ensure that the problem is rectified.

It is necessary to transform the instruction rectification achievement into the powerful power of the network, strengthen the mission, actively actively, and strive to hand over a qualified answer to the provincial party committee, and take a good step for "14th Five-Year Plan". Guan Yuxinchuan and then contribute more network letter strength.

(Sichuan Net Letter Office).

Winter delivery warmth help

Winter delivery warmth help

Original title: Winter delivery is a recent, the temperature of Lanzhou is reduced to zero, and the big snow is accompanied by the strongest cold wave since the autumn. It has increased difficulties to the city’s epidemic prevention and control and wandering workers. To this end, the city’s rescue management station urgently increased the rescue efforts of 24 hours on the street, combining the "cold winter warmth" special action and epidemic prevention and control work.

In order to effectively maintain the basic rights and interests of the wandering and beggar, avoid the streets of the wandering and beggar, the streets of night, also let the dilemma in the cold winter, the warmth of the government, the social concern, the city rescue management station Arrange staff to the bus station, railway station, major streets, underground channels, park places, bridge culverts, etc. Take online investigation. In order to meet the different needs of different rescue objects, let the help target get better rescue, the Lanzhou City Rescue Management Station takes an individualized classification and rescue of different types of help: the wandering beggars who have a rescue, patiently persuade them to help The station accepts rescue; for the insistence and reluctance to receive the wandering and beggars, give them instant noodles, pure water, coat, cotton, mask and other life and epidemic prevention supplies, and remind it to keep warm at night; The critically ill patients in personnel, and mental patients immediately sent to fixed-point hospital for treatment. Lanzhou Daily Social Media Chief Reporter Ge Qiang (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

Xilin County Bada Town launched the "Huixian Er and I respect the old people to revitalize" Chongyang Festival "

Xilin County Bada Town launched the "Huixian Er and I respect the old people to revitalize" Chongyang Festival "

Dance performance. Huang Yanqun took on October 9th, Hongxing Village, Bada Town, Xilin County, carried out colorful Chongyang Festival activities with "Huixian Elder and Lao Jing, Truncation Rural," Thanks Villages’ Two Committees "has always been remembered, each year The Chongyang Festival holds a variety of activities, bringing us joy, and enriching the cultural life of our elderly.

"The event of the event, a grandmother for 80 hours. Respect for the elderly, the Chinese nationality, the Chongyang Festival is the normalization activities carried out in Hongxing Village. Every year, people enjoy the care of the village committee and township. It is reported that the Red Star Village is carried out annually, and the elderly will prepare a rich dinner and cultural and entertainment programs for the elderly. It is one of the important arrangements in the annual work of the village. By carrying out China’s Day series activities, The traditional virtues of the nation, respecting the elderly, love the old, helping the old people feel the warmth of the collective, and creates a strong, harmonious festival atmosphere.

The village staff have said that the activities of the guests will continue to inherit in the next generation, and provide better and better living services for the elderly every year. (Huang Yanqun Song Xiuyan) (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.