Why is Zhou Enlai to criticize the subordinate?

Why is Zhou Enlai to criticize the subordinate?

  China Xinwang Beijing May 17th (Reporter Wang Kai) There was a hot search question on Weibo: The leader will apologize after the leader will be submitted? Most people in the messages in the message have held the pessimistic attitude of "Officials".

In fact, as early as 70 years ago, Zhou Enlai met a similar situation and gave a "answer" worthy of thought and learning.

  One day in March 1949, other other leaders of Mao Zedong and the Party will review the troops at Xiyuan Airport and meet representatives and democrats from all walks of life. It’s coming to noon, Zhou Enlai has not found the sails responsible for Xiyuan Airport Guard, and criticized him when he saw him after lunch.

  In fact, sails before checking the deployment of other security and security work, and there is no "chaotic" and "courtesy", but it is not good to defend, but "dumb eats yellow". On the afternoon, other leaders of Mao Zedong and the Central Centers were planned to stay in Xiangshan.

Yang Fan took a jeep to open the road in front. Because he worried about the mine buryed on the road, he allowed the driver to open the car quickly, and the car behind the hair opened the distance.

  Unexpectedly, other drivers did not understand their intentions and accelerated in the back. After the team arrived in Xiangshan, Zhou En came to the Yangfan to say that this road has a narrow car is not familiar, and he is responsible for how he has a car.

I was criticized twice within one day, and the sail was very wronged, and it was a few days. After Zhou Enlai learned the original committee of the matter, it was very self-blamed, said it must be reviewed to the Sailing apology.

One night, Zhou Enlai specially found the sail, saying that he made a subjectivism and bureaucratic mistakes. He pleaded, please sail him criticize him. Sailing listened to Zhou Enlai, and quickly said that he did not do it, how can leaders to review themselves? Zhou Enlai said sincerely, the superior can criticize the lower level, the lower level can also criticize the upper level, politically equal, no high and low expensive points. In fact, Zhou Enlai will never hide the "mistakes" and "mistake" in his work. Apologize to the next level and the ordinary people, and he is not a "new thing" on him. In the 1938 anti-Japanese period, once, because of the worried materials were damaged by the enemy, the urgent Zhou Enlai missed Wu Zonghan and two drivers who were responsible for escort in the case of not engaged in the situation, and criticized them. . After that figured out the pulse of the dragon, Zhou En came to express apologies to them.

  OK, I was after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, a few soldiers of the guard class took the four pairs of old shoes to the old township, and I would like to give Zhou Enqi to make up the body. After Zhou Enlai, he thought that this infringed the interests of the fellow, and criticized the soldiers did not forget to apologize to the fellow, and pay for the "loss" of fellows.

  Zhou Enlai is courageous to take responsibility and self-criticism, undoubtedly give a good example for the later people. A person is also, a political parties are all, they are constantly correcting the mistakes, and they can become more and more powerful.

  Regardless of the official position, no matter how high the status is high, people are not sages? I have made the wrong mistakes and apologize, and I will not "shake face" and "no face", but reflect the work of the Communists.

Instead, those leading cadres who are covered with mistakes in front of the mistake, or the "three cups of wine" should be careful. Xiaolan is often so accumulated.

  The ancients, over, can be changed, and good.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has also emphasized that criticism and self-criticism act as a strong weapon for self-defense diseases, through active and healthy thinking struggles, continuously washing every party, cadres’ thoughts and souls. In the face of new journey and new challenges, the thorns will not be able to avoid mistakes and mistakes during the process of thorns.

At this time, you need to don’t forget to criticize and self-criticize, don’t forget it.

Only in this way, it is more helpful to draw closely to the relationship, establish a government credibility, and better promote our great cause. (over).