Truck Tracted Member Package, Information Fei Ming Ding Truck Driver is also awkward

Truck Tracted Member Package, Information Fei Ming Ding Truck Driver is also awkward

The triglla in the vortex of the public opinion was also pushed into the tips.

  Recently, the triumphals are in charge of information fees, ordering seconds, adjusting the membership package, etc., causing strong dissatisfaction with transport practitioners.

  In the view of the logistics industry, the freight platform is forced to seek the revenue in the market pressure, and the main profit point should not be aimed at the operational end of the actual situation.

Protect the rights of trucks, build good freight ecology, network freight platforms are also responsible for no loans. Single-to-answer seconds reversed truck driver to buy members in mid-August, the trucks began to collect 12% of the information fee on the yellow truck in some cities. This is an out, and immediately provoked the dissatisfaction of the truck driver. The reporter learned that in January 2019, the truck on the blue brand light card was levied, and the yellow card truck originally not listed in this column did not survive.

  In addition to the information fees that can’t escape, the membership fees paying regularly will also make transportation practitioners complain.

According to the rules of the trig, if you want to reduce the information fee, you must pay the membership fee. If you refuse to buy members, users need to wait for 30 seconds to continue to grab orders after receiving orders.

In addition, there are some truck drivers to explode, because there is no timely purchase member, only two business days can be grabbed every day, and then there will be no orders. "If you charge the information fee, it will change, and it has changed the French forced us to charge the members. This money makes the platform earned.

"Nanchang truck driver Wang Master said," Now the freight market is not booming. In order to earn some money, I started to find a job on the freight platform. I didn’t expect to pay a variety of fees, although it is not forced fees, but this rule Without the difference, there is nothing to count, and there is nothing in the line. "In recent years, the truck is frequently raised frequently."

Junior, advanced, super member’s charging standard from previous 199 yuan, 499 yuan, 699 yuan, up to 299 yuan, 699 yuan, 899 yuan. In some areas, each grade member fee has a varying degree of rising on this basis.

  Recently, there are many platform users to reflect, and the trucks are under individual regions, "Junior Members", "Senior Members", "Super Member" package. Instead, "Silver Member", "Gold Member", "Diamond Member", and the purchase fee is reduced before. However, it should be noted that all membership levels of the new package will no longer enjoy the information fee exemption.

That is to say, under the new member package, each single business that the platform users must pay for the information fee.

  "Although the membership fee is lowered, the overall expenditure is not reduced.

"The triglers said that in the new member system, if you choose the highest-end" Diamond Member ", according to the calculation of 10,000 yuan per month, the cost is 100 more than 100" super members "than 100 ~ 200 yuan.

  "From the surface, the ferrit is lowered, but the actual situation is, the platform users have increased the information fee paid to it. The goods launde will further violate the rights and interests of practitioners through the reform of the fee rules.

"Industry insiders said that if there is no solve the relevant rights of truck drivers in the future, the ferrite will once again fall into the vortex.

  "Unlike the drip truck, the freight is a low-frequency, personalized industry, and the truck driver is more hard, and other expenditures are also very good.

It is based on the above reasons, and the freighter is worth discussing. "The logistics industry expert Kong Zhen tells the reporter, from the perspective of the industry pattern, the truck driver does not have the ability to monopolize the price, and the actual situation of the truck driver should be considered.

  The top wind under strong supervision is actually, and the outside world has a lot of questioning, price monopoly, etc. in the online freight platform. In May of this year, the Ministry of Transport, the Central News Network Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, etc.

  In the process, it is pointed out that some network freight platforms have unreasonable pricing mechanisms, the operation rules are unfair, production and operation, the main responsibility is not implemented, and some of the platform is suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of the truck driver, requiring various platform companies to be Face the problem of itself. At the same time, the relevant departments clearly require the freight platform to determine the level of draw ratios and information service fees, take the initiative to reduce service charges, membership fees, must not collude, manipulate market prices, strictly forbidden to bid in return goods. In response to the above problems, the trucks have publicly released their commitments on the rights and interests of the truck driver in its official Weibo. It is clearly suggested that the trigle will improve the membership fees and information service fees, protect employees, improve the driver’s business environment.

  Have been more than 5 months, for the reduction in the reduction in national requirements, the truck is not only active, but it is advisable. Under the strong supervision, why do the truck still have to touch the "red line"? Kong Zhen pointed out that after experiencing "burning money", many online freight platforms have been folded under the baptism of capital, and these "lucky people" who have killed the heavy is not successful.

Not only low market share, not only the profitability is also possible. It can be seen that the continued efforts of capital can only be shake some markets, as the basic model does not work. In this case, the freight platform must obtain profits through some ways, and the operational end is relatively easy and more directly to achieve profitable channels. "At present, the ferrice has not yet formed a benign business operation mode, and the ‘price war’ of the deadlocked, but also overdue its large number of operating costs, but also leads to the platform to benefit from the client.

In this context, the truck can only improve the driver’s membership fees and information fees to use the company ‘blood transfusion’.

"Logistics industry analyst Li Qiang told reporters. Recently, in order to expand the market layout, the triglla accelerate the steps of crossover. In addition to entering the city, it is also aimed at the network of online.

However, if you want to quickly open the situation in a new market, the platform can only rely on "burning money" subsidies.

In the face of a large amount of funding expenditures and competition, the ferrite needs to strengthen the profitability. And from the operational end, it is also no. Building a good profit model is the key to the current, online freight platforms are still in the exploration phase in the profit model, pricing rules, driver-side training. At the same time, the advantages of refined operation and efficient cargo ratio have not been high.

From subsidies to the down-regulation, the online freight platform does not seem to bring more gospel to the front line. So, what should I do in the future? In the view of the chairman of Zhongchang Nanjing Smart Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., Dai Qingfu, the freight platform wants to achieve the breakout, first of all to find the profit model. In addition to the push-operated push industry, the network freight platform can also focus on the profit point of the logistics industry chain to pay, car finance, and post-market construction and other scenes, expansion. The added value is higher, adding the viscosity of the upstream customers and platforms. In this regard, Kong Zhen also holds the same point of view. He believes that if the city freight platform is only concerned about traffic, differentiated services and sustainable profit models cannot be provided, even if there are more funded "blood transfusion", it is not possible to become the final winner. If you want to win the attack and defensive war, the freight platform needs to build a core competing barrier. There are also industry insiders that the price is not the most sensitive element, whether the price is the most sensitive element, service quality, security and user experience is the most sensitive element. Therefore, in the next game, the network freight platform should return to the service, do the service chain to do long, and solve the pain points of all aspects of the user’s demand scene, so it is expected to become the winner in this battle.

  "In short, the freight platform will increase the pressure of profit, and transfer to the majority of truck drivers.

From the operational end, we are looking for profits and is not long-lasting, and the work mode of grinding mature is based on the foundation.

"Kong Zhen finally said.