Tianjin Baoyi District: "Environmental Region" expands high quality development space

Tianjin Baoyi District: "Environmental Region" expands high quality development space

Original title: "Environmental Region" expands high quality development space reporter learned from the press conference held yesterday’s Municipal Government, Tianjin Baodi District put "environmental zone" as a strategic task, in the business environment, The reform and innovation, the people’s housing has achieved significant results. The Baozhang District Party Secretary Yin is introduced that the district adheres to the five parties of the "Property City Jingwen" and developed the construction of Beijing-Tianjin Zhongguancun Science and Technology City.

At present, there have been accumulated more than 600 registered companies, 60 contract entity projects, 23 start and production, are national high-tech enterprises. Grab the Jingtang and Jingbin Intercity Railway Transit and set up major opportunities in the hub. The Tianjin Business Conference Living Room "initially formed. Through these key platform construction, the space effectively expansion of Baodi high quality development, the hardware environment is significantly improved.

Baodi District has the original 18 industrial parks, according to the service type, innovative, modern "two types", the management system reform, integrates the "one district four gardens", significantly enhanced the development of the park. Deepen the reform of "venting service", implement "one seal management approval", implement "Internet + government" service, explore the implementation of "landing to start" approval, and to reach 671, the legacy can reach 677, promise to reach 477 The approval time limit is reduced by more than 80%. In-depth development of "Double 10,000-double service development" activities to boost enterprises transformation and upgrading. At present, there are 254 national high-tech enterprises in the region, 220 national technology SMEs, the eagle, and the 瞪 企业 企业 企业 8 8 家 企业 企业 企业 企业 企业 企业 家 企业 家 家 家 家 家 企业 企业 企业 家 企业The technical center and the national manufacturing "single champion" product realize zero breakthroughs.

Improve the new city function, the city’s largest shantytown relocation and renovation project has been basically completed, relocated 97 city villages and the hidden house dormitory area, built 43 resilience communities, 10,000 people, nearly 100,000 people dream new.

The longest underground heating pipeline in China, the city’s first underground integrated pipe gallery, the landscape of the kilometer – the whole line of the West Ring Road.

In addition, a number of specialty towns are built in ecological agriculture, green buildings, gourd culture, etc.

Complete the new construction of 155 school buildings, forming a 15-minute medical health service circle, 715 sports places, and public cultural service places have realized all domain coverage. Promote the revitalization of rural villages, all of the 354 difficulty villages in the region fully completed the "Six Six" construction, and the village collective annual operating income exceeded 200,000 yuan. The promotion of 110 kilometers of rural roads and realized "Village Village Bus".

656 drinking water improvement results in water, rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, health house toilet renovation is completed, Bao Yu is awarded the "National Village Cleaning Action Advanced County". (Reporter Huang Jiangao) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.