The new urban cadres and the masses have gone to do practical abrasions.

The new urban cadres and the masses have gone to do practical abrasions.

On the morning of July 10th, the four major teams, party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and various units of the new urban organizations in Hohhot, collective action, using weekends, "I do practical things for the masses – Clear Artemisia Medicine "activities.

The Grassland of the River Sichuan is one of the people who love the people of the public in recent years. The Cleantrip Volunteers team with the four major teams leaders from the New Town came here, and carpet cleaning was carried out along the grassland on the top of the plank of tourists.

The summer of the Summer grassland has entered the lush season, and all kinds of flowers and plants are dense, and there is a certain difficulty to clear the actions of Artemisia.

Everyone put on the rubber gloves, be careful in the grassland, one step, one step, distracting the two types of marsilica grass in the grassland, and the randomness is removed, and there artemisia will be resurrected.

In a short while, I took a big pastoral grass in the hands of the volunteers of Artemisia, and everyone put the grass on one side of the hardened road, and immediately returned to the grassland to continue to join the battle of Wenemisia.

After a morning, this clearance of Artemisia actions have also been investigated to clean up about 1000 mu of area, effectively improve the tour environment of the Richard grassland. On the south side of the 110 National Road, the north side of the north and the slow city, the new urban district, the committee, office, and the bureau’s respective volunteer team is very eye-catching. Volunteers in accordance with the "regional responsibility, fragmentation operation, fixed-point cleaning" work mode, and everyone will naturally learn dozens of "small detachments" walking at tens of thousands of square meters, while investigating, while Clean up, carpet-type clearance work.

In order to develop artemisia, it is growing year by year, preventing regeneration, and volunteers will clear artemisia. Some artemon grass will be deep seedlings. Everyone will cooperate with each other and vowed to the grass "."

In order to facilitate subsequent transportation, it is clear, volunteers, and some of the grasswedia, some are responsible for the purge of artemiscurium to the crepe, transported to the clearing car in time, so as not to scatter grass seeds Leading it again.