Zhu Guangyao: Promote higher level reform and opening up relations with China’s development and fate

Zhu Guangyao: Promote higher level reform and opening up relations with China’s development and fate

Zhu Guangyao, the former deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, made a statement on the opening forum. People’s Network Beijing November 16th, the 5th China Enterprise Globalization Forum opened today in Hainan Sanya. This forum is jointly hosted by the Global Zhicu CCG, China International Economic Cooperation, Sanya Municipal Government, co-organized by China, the US Chamber of Commerce and the China EU Chamber of Commerce. Zhu Guangyao, former deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, said in the opening forum, how China promotes higher level reform and opening up in the new situation, which is an extremely significant strategic issue that is related to China’s development and fate. Zhu Guangyao said that the first China has a full confidence, because the China’s economy has achieved great development because the China economy has achieved great development, China’s comprehensive national strength is unprecedented, and the living standards of the Chinese people have a change in earth.

At the end of 1978, the Party Central Committee held an important meeting with historical significance to promote reform and opening up. Since then, China has started from standing, rich, and then the historical transformation of strong. For 40 years, China’s per capita GDP has become more than $ 8,700 from $ 220, and we are approaching the key development stage of breaking through a $ 10,000.

China’s industrial layout is now the most strongest and most complete manufacturing department of the world. Zhu Guangyao said that these let us firmly believe that China’s economy will further develop to higher levels, and achieve transition from high-speed growth to high quality.

At this critical moment, China faces many complicated domestic and foreign factors challenges. The most important thing is to do our own things well. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, persist in steady demand. China’s economy continues to develop forward, overcoming a variety of issues that appear in the forward process. Under this premise of doing this big thing, actively participate in global economic governance. Zhu Guangyao pointed out that in the inside, we must deeply promote reform and opening up, solve the hard bones left behind, and take the deep water area of ??the reforms we have never passed. In terms of openness, due to trade disputes due to single-sided head, external challenges are extremely severe.

"But history also tells us that the pressure that is often external is to promote our internal structural reform, the key is how we will grasp the rhythm of this reform." Zhu Guangyao said, to deepen reform in the open process, and open it through reform Improve to a higher phase. (Editor: Xu Xiangli, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.