Yu Taiwan teamed up with aviation talent training, and promoted the integration of cross-strait aviation industry

Yu Taiwan teamed up with aviation talent training, and promoted the integration of cross-strait aviation industry

  China Jingwei Net on December 13th: In order to enhance the quality and competitiveness of civil aviation talents in the Taiwan Straits, promote cross-strait economy and trade, education and culture, promote cross-strait integration development, realize the bilateral compliance, December 10, The 5th Strait Cross-strait Civil Aviation Talents Training Forum was held in Zhengzhou City. The on-site connection with Taiwan is this forum with the theme of "Strengthening the High Quality Development of Aviation Economics" as the theme of "High Quality Development" in Aviation Economics. Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education, a deputy director of the first-class inspector, deputy director of the provincial office, Liu Jianfa, deputy mayor of Anyang City, and the principal of Anyang Institute of Technology attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Zhang Guozheng, Chairman of the Taiwan Foundation Legal Aviation Affairs Education Foundation, delivered speeches through video methods. More than 100 people in the air community, education and industry experts in the Taiwan Straits, and industry experts participated in the forum. Zhu Zhanpeng, deputy director of the Provincial Department, said in a speech that in recent years, our province has invested in-depth promotion and exchange, continued to strengthen the economic and trade cooperation of Yu Taiwan, "I have me, I have a win-win, interactive development" Good pattern.

The high school and institutions of the Aerospace industry in the Taiwan Strait of the Strait, are engaged in universities and institutions in civil aviation talents. They have their own characteristics and advantages.

Since its establishment, the Civil Aviation Forum has been successfully held, and it is an important brand of communication cooperation between cross-strait aviation community, seek common development.

Especially in the new situation of the new crown epidemic and complex cross-strait relations, through the civil aviation forum, it is a platform for the development of exchanges and development between the relevant universities, institutions and enterprises on both sides, and helps improve the development of civil aviation and talent training in both sides of the strait. Quality, to deepen cross-strait especially Yu Taiwan education and economic and trade cooperation, promote cross-strait aviation industry integration development, and promote two-strait relations peaceful development is of great significance. In the forum, more than ten special reports of the two-shore aviation field experts in the chairman of Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd.

(Huaxia Jingwei Net, Henan Provincial Department joint report) Editor: Li Xin.