Write a new chapter in the development of Chongqing Judicial Administration Development

Write a new chapter in the development of Chongqing Judicial Administration Development

Zhang Dexuan, director of the Chongqing Municipal Justice Bureau, received an interview host: Zhang Director, Hello! How do you know the importance of the 19th National Plenary Session? Zhang Dexuan: The Five-Central Committee of the Party stood in the "two-year hundred years" historical intersection, opening a new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization.

Around the central service overall situation, the judicial administrative organ is responsible for no loans, and

We will learn to promote the spirit of the Plenary, adapt to the new development stage, implement the new development concept, serve the new development pattern, loyal to perform, strive for the practice of building socialist modern national practices to build socialist modernization in the whole, strong rule of law And quality legal services.

  Moderator: During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Chongqing has achieved what results in promoting the construction of the rule of law in the implementation of the central government and promoting the construction of the rule of law? Zhang Dexuan: In recent years, under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the Ministry of Justice, we have seriously fulfilled the "one coordinator, four major functions" (integrinity, responsible for the rule of law, assume administrative legislation, administrative law enforcement, punish implementation and public legal services Functional mission), promoting the construction of Chongqing’s rule of law has achieved positive results. First, the administration is more featful according to law.

The government functions have accelerated the transformation, and the administrative system system is increasingly complete, the administrative decision is more scientific and democratic, the public’s credibility is continuously improved, and the rule of law government construction has achieved important phased results. Yuzhong District, Yongchuan District won the title of the first national rule of law government construction demonstration area, Nanchuan District ("The Best Service Department Zhu Ji" Administrative Power Supervision Mechanism) has won the first batch of national rule of law government construction demonstration project named.

  Second, the service overall features are more changing.

Around the "Three Battle of Three Battle and Conduct", high-quality development and the construction of double city economy in Chengdu, and vigorously create a legal service environment, deepening the company’s listed financing, bankruptcy restructuring, foreign-related legal services, and cooperate with the construction of Sichuan-Yun Judicial Administration. " "Four communities", contributing wisdom and strength to the city’s reform and development.

  The third is that the judiciary is more strong for the warmth of the people.

The modern public legal service system of "covering urban and rural, convenient and efficient, equal," lawyers, arbitration, notarization, judicial appraisal and legal aid are steadily improved, the masses are satisfied with the world, rank nationwide sixth. The fourth is to maintain a stable background.

The safety and renovation of the regulatory clinic is effectively improved; the district and county "three-tune" docking organization and 10 key field mediation organizations achieve full coverage, form a mediation "sharp knife class", resolve the letter of credit; sentenced to the penalty Continuous below the national average. The fifth is that the governance is brighter. The "Seventh Five-Year" law plan is implemented in order, "Who is law enforcement Who is the law" responsibility system effectively and implemented, the public’s rule of law and the rule of law of the rule of law, the integration of the "three administration" three governments, the integration, social management The rule of law is constantly improving.

  Moderator: Not long ago, the central government was held in accordance with the law to governing the country. Chongqing Judicial Administrative Systems have been implemented in the 19th National Session of the 19th National Session, which is integrally implemented in the spirit of the central government to governing the spirit of the country in accordance with the law. Zhang Dexuan: The central government will consulate the country according to law, clarify the guiding position of Xi Jinping’s rule of law in the comprehensive management of the country, issued a "mobilization order" of China’s rule of law China.

We will deeply learn the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, and we will carefully plan the "14th Five-Year Plan" period to fully plan the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and strive to learn the "145" period. In the new office, doing in the implementation of the Chongqing’s various undertakings in the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping guidelines.

  Adhere to the "a rope".

Adhere to the spirit of the rule of law of Xi Jinping, based on the new journey of the rule of law, carefully prepare the central deployment, in accordance with Chongqing’s actual, leading the future development of the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law, to ensure Xi Jinping’s rule of law in Chongqing Falling roots, flowering results.

  Do a good job in "two key points."

Resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary, General Secretary of "Coordination Development and Safety", one-handed service development, one hand to grasp the safety and stability, and strive to play "three roles" in the city (ie, promote the development of the new era, in the development of the new era Promoting a role in building a "One Belt", promoting the development of the Yangtze River economy with green development to play a demonstration role) and the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu Area provides safety political environment, stable social environment, just rule of law, and quality Service environment.

  Deepen "three services". Service "High Quality Development". Optimize the rule of controlling business environment, and provide a strong rule of law for the "three roles"; deepen the Sichuan Judicial Administrative Association, create a good rule of law atmosphere for the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circles in Chengdu, strengthen the special service of enterprises, and supply supplies for enterprises Quality rule of law products. Service "High Quality Life".

Focus on "two fast two", speed up legal service resources such as lawyers, notarization, judicial appraisal, arbitration, judicial office, people’s mediation, build a legal service network covering full business, full-time time and space; focus "high quality and efficiency", building western Legal service highlands; focus "equal existence", promote basic public legal services, and focus "fair and just", strive to improve the people’s sense, happiness, and safe sense. Service "High Level Governance".

Actively participate in the modernization of local social governance, grassroots social governance innovation, peaceful creation activities, strengthen judicial administrative grassroots organizations, basic work, basic capacity building, and promote the formation of social governance sharing.

  Strengthen "four major constructions". Building a higher level of rule of law government. Adhere to the point, explore the demonstration of the municipal-level rule of law; adhere to the good governance, improve the administrative system system according to law; adhere to strict law enforcement, strengthen the law enforcement and supervision.

Building a higher level of rule of law society. Focusing on the law, deepening the rule of law of citizens and ranking in the law and "Who will enforce the law" to implement the law of law responsibility system; revolve around the social integrity, promote the improvement of integrity construction institutional mechanism. Building a higher level of peace in Chongqing. To ensure absolute safety, the prevention and control and safety hazard investigation and remediation of the regular prevention; to build the "big mediation" pattern is traction, build a new era of mediation work upgrade version; to prevent illegal crimes, strengthen community correction Objects and criminal release will be controlled. Building a highly competitive western legal service highland. Focus on high-endization, institutional brand, industry openness, environmental power, accelerate the reasonable layout of layout, high-quality and efficient legal services, and fully build a new high-class legal service in the western region.

  Moderator: Just now, you will put forward the construction of "Western Legal Service Highland". What kind of consideration is based on what consideration, what specific initiatives? Zhang Dexuan: The reason why we put forward the "Western Legal Service Highland" is the mission.

This is the inevitable requirement of the central government about "Chengdu-Chongqing region has become an important economic center, scientific and technological innovation center, reform and opening up new highlands, high quality life, livable land" target positioning. Second, opportunities are rare.

Chongqing is fully integrated into the development of "all the way" and the economic belt of the Yangtze River, and cultivates the new advantages of landlocked, accelerates the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu, and has given major opportunities for the development of the legal service industry in our city. .

Third, the advantage is unique.

Chongqing has the resource advantage of the Higher People’s Court, the source of authoritative institutions such as the Southwest Branch of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission; there are more than 600 senior professional titles, 21 legal service personnel enjoy the talent advantage of the Special Allowance of the State Council; The national top ten arbitration institutions, the soil of the same national justice appraisal agency, we will grasp the opportunity, play an advantage, and accelerate the construction of the western legal services.

  First, cultivate "high-end" talents. Seriously implement the "Chongqing Yingcai Plan", create a "close" talent environment, accelerate the cultivation of cross-border investment mergers and acquisitions, "two anti-one insurance" (dumping and anti-dumping; subsidies and countervailing; security measures and special protection measures) High-end legal talents in the field, reserve strategic legal talents in the emerging frontier field, absorb more high-end legal talents to practice.

  The second is to create a "brand" institution.

By administrative promotion, enterprises, support, etc., guide legal service industries to expand business space, extend service chain, innovative service supply, and help "brand" legal services for strong a batch of large-scale, strong strength, high levels Institutions, constantly enhance the core competitiveness.

  The third is to speed up the "openness" pace.

Expanding the "walking out" space, supporting the legal service organizations in our city to set up branches or jointly with overseas legal service agencies.

Increase the "introduction", encourage the national first-class legal service agency to set up branches, and focus on introducing the world’s top legal service institutions to set up representatives. The fourth is to create a "first-phase" environment.

Adhere to all-round services, actively coordinate the implementation of practicing security mechanisms and support policies to support the development of legal service industry. Enhance full service, in-depth promotion "double random, one disclosure" (randomly extract inspection objects during the supervision process, randomly select law enforcement examination personnel, investigation and investigation results in time to publicly enhance the quality and efficiency of legal services And credibility. Topic: (Editor: Zhang Gui, Zeng Wei) Sharing let more people see.