Tongzhou: Accurately implement the help project to promote industrial consumption poverty alleviation

Tongzhou: Accurately implement the help project to promote industrial consumption poverty alleviation

Inner Mongolia Mingyang Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in our district, and the company’s poverty alleviation works, workers are receiving handicraft production training.

(Tongzhou District Committee Propaganda Department) A map of Beijing, May 26 Collaborative work, focusing on the docking of consumer poverty alleviation work. At Weng Niu Shiqi, the delegation launched the Guangde Community Guanjing Jingjing Mongolian Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, four-dimensional Beijing Mongolian Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, Xiangyang Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia, Yangjiaying Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park and Beijing-Menggung Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park, etc.

Mingyang Agricultural Science and Trade Co., Ltd. established in our district funds, the company is based on buckwheat as the main raw material, building a total industrial chain enterprise integrating planting, research and development, production and sales, and actively playing the role of poverty alleviation work, formulating five support Way to help local poor households to get rid of poverty. The delegation of our district and the person in charge conducted in-depth exchanges, on the exchange of exchanges, sales channels, etc. Yang Jiaying’s modern agricultural demonstration park has focused on opening the sales channels of agricultural products and the brand of wengqi agricultural products, driving the surrounding industries to scale, branding. The delegation was accurately docked with the head of the park for technical support, order planting.

After the field inspector, the Tongzhou District delegation held a symposium with the Weng Niu Shiqi Government. The government signed the "2020 to join hands in the help agreement", and the entrepreneurs in the two places have signed the "Accurate Poverty Alleviation Agriculture Planting Strategic Cooperation Agreement". At Tongliao City Naimani, the delegation has went to the Ganlongshan Town Sweet Potato Technology Industry Park, Naimanqi E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Operation Center, Yinglong Yongxue District, Yingzi Kindergarten, the large town Guangming Village facility agricultural greenhouse, the large town Pioneer Village The base is on the ground and visits the poor household. The Naimanqi E-Commercial Poverty Alleviation Operation Center was established in Beijing, after a year of development, a one-year development has formed an integrated integrated to help agricultural product sales platform, driving local poor households to use self-produced sales from the media to help the surroundings of 15 million Yu Yuan. The delegation listened carefully to the project detailed introduction, in-depth exchange of product development, brand building, sales model, etc.

In the docking between the two places, Liu Guiming said that Tongzhou District will carefully go to the table, regarding poverty alleviation as a must-have political task, unshirkable responsibility and division, focusing difficulties and pain points, accurate implementation of helping projects Promote industrial consumption poverty alleviation, and truly unplug the poor roots for the people in the poor area, resolutely complete the task of good Beijing Mengpo, help Inner Mongolia to win precision and unprecedented. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing).