[Coal preservation is in action] Shanxi has shipped 15.66 million tons of 14 provinces and crescent products as of 14 provinces and cities as of November 10

[Coal preservation is in action] Shanxi has shipped 15.66 million tons of 14 provinces and crescent products as of 14 provinces and cities as of November 10

Yellow River News Network News (Reporter Zhou Li) On November 12, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Energy Administration, Shanxi actively exerts the mission of energy in energy, actively implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s work, and ensuring the masses Warm winter decision deployment, as of November 10, it has shipped 15.66 million tons of electric coal in 14 provinces and cities. At the end of September, Shanxi and 14 provinces and districts such as Hebei, Shandong, and Jiangsu were signed in the fourth quarter of coal for a long time. After the first time, Shanxi is working, measures and holds the energy supply.

Promoting the production capacity of coal mines. Because of October 2021, Shanxi Province organized experts to complete the report review and on-site verification of 39 nuclear increasing capacity coal mines, and the net increase production capacity was expected to increase production of 41 million tons / year.

The country has launched the 42 coal mines in our province to protect the coal mine. It is currently 96 million tons / year, and the net increase production capacity is 40.9 million tons / year.

Up to now, the province has completed 17 on-site verification and report review of coal mines in our province. Take strong measures to ensure power supply.

Use 10 days of electric coal inventory to ensure that the coal storage coal is not less than 7 days of police quit line; doing electricity emergency disposal, simultaneous measures from power generation side and load, start an orderly power supply plan to ensure that the province "does not Limited to electricity; fully stabilize electricity delivery, focus on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to ensure the safety of electricity in the capital area; in advance, it should be influenced by extreme weather in the winter, rain and snow in winter.

Fully organize the overlay of long-term contractual power generation in the province.

Organizational power generation and heat transfer enterprises are docked with coal enterprises, ensuring that there is a coal available in the fourth quarter, and also requires the price of the contract in accordance with the national clear pricing policy. As of November 10, the provincial power generation and supply enterprises supplemented 48.62 million tons of coal supply and demand, including 42.4 million tons of medium and long-term contracts. The current coal demand in the province has reached a full coverage of medium and long-term contracts. On the basis of contract signed, the synchronous urges the contract to honor the contract, and protect the coal demand for electricity supply in the province. Actively promote the progress of clean heating. In order to promote clean heating, the province, especially in Jinbei, in the Jinbei 3, in all directions, and the current progress of cleaning and heating is progressing smoothly and has achieved remarkable results. As of 5, November 5, the province’s clean heating program has been transformed from 10,000 households and completed the transformation of 10,000 households and completion rates.

Among them: concentrated heating to complete 10,000 households, "coal change" to complete 10,000 households, "coal to gas" to complete 10,000 households, biomass, and other 10,000 users. Next, the province’s energy insurance will focus on the following five aspects: do a good job in coal stability production, and strive to increase coal supply; promote the conservation of contractual compliance, ensure 14 provinces, electric coal safety and stable supply; increase the coordination of coordination, Guarantee the demand for coal from electricity supply enterprises in the province; increase subsidies, actively protect clean coal supply; strengthen energy operation monitoring and analysis, timely emergency prevention, ensuring energy insurance, safe and stable operation.

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