Twenty-second Shenzhen Reading Month "to open a new horizon."

Twenty-second Shenzhen Reading Month "to open a new horizon."

Original title: twenty-second Shenzhen Reading Month "to open a new horizon," October 28, Shenzhen Reading Month twenty-second press conference held at the Civic Center.

Reporters at the meeting was informed that this Reading Month to "open a new vision" for the annual theme, put forward "1 + 3 (N)" active architecture, the introduction of more than 260, more than 1,400 field reading and cultural activities, and for the first time to set up each distinction the venue, adhere to the "quality" principle "taste", "character", highlight the "global, panorama, universal, all-media" characteristics, both active-matrix construct cultural taste and pioneer spirit, set off a wave of Pengcheng reading. 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, Shenzhen, but also a time "dual zone" Drive, golden development period "dual zone" superimposed usher in "double-change" model and the construction of major historic opportunity to advance the rule of law model city of socialism with Chinese characteristics . To this end, between November 1 to 30 dates this month will be higher pursuit of reading, updating and greater sound quality, to create a new national reading event.

  The introduction of three plates, positioning more distinctive Shenzhen Reading Month is the founder of the first and largest masses Reading Festival, Shenzhen is an important cultural card. Uphold and continue reading the previous month accumulated rich philosophy and practice, this condensed Reading Month "cultural alarm clock" "Urban Gathering" "Reading Festival" three functional orientation, and as a basis to build three large sections activities. Among them, the "cultural alarm clock" will be released through the organization of forums, reading classic brand items Humanities signal, the dissemination of culture, leading the value orientation; "Urban Gathering" is held by "When the design of all met all literature" and other activities build a total reading of the talk, thought the collision of cultural platform; ten books, children’s books and other ten people loved the contest will be included in "reading festival" to create everyone involved, reading colorful feast. In addition, this month will continue to strengthen reading city, district linkage, first established distinguish each venue, launched covering all districts and grassroots activity matrix. Third Shenzhen Book Fair will also be held simultaneously in reading during the month.

  Read innovation attitude, more focused theme of this month to study "opens a new vision" for the annual theme, contemplation current environment, respond to readers hot, open the future horizon. It is understood that more than 1,400 field activities will be held during the month of reading the future as the focus, focus science popularization, ecological museum, geographical discovery, interplanetary exploration, and create the future, sci-fi imagination and other fields.

Specifically, in response to readers concerned reading this month will focus on global issues and hot spots spread all media era, echoing the new direction of the reading public knowledge craving; in the focus of urban development, the reading is to show the new node on the Shenzhen city enabling new attitude; on the international outlook, reading month echo digitization, full media, after the outbreak of the times, a new pattern of development, a new global ecology and the country’s new opportunities. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the three main themes plate, reading this month will launch an annual Juxian, namely annual "tribute to the founding of years" special planning, organizing "new level" classic poetry readings, "development bigger picture "" shine a century literary classic "literary lectures, presented by classical poetry interpretation and heavy subject matter experts, show a century of glorious history of the party to the public audience. Enhance the quality of activities, quality more intensive since 2000 to date, Shenzhen Reading Month has been successfully held for 21 sessions, always adhere to the "quality" and "quality", "character." As the city’s large-scale mass reading activities, reading this month will give full play to the function of the spread of the image of the city, urban IP as a clue to strengthen cross-border linkage and culture in the eye.

  On the basis of past inter-city cultural exchange on reading, reading this month to upgrade inter-city activities, planned "when design meets all the literature of all" series, inviting Shenzhen (City of Design) designer and Nanjing (literature capital) dialogue writer, set the Twins exhibition in the eye and so on. At the same time, this will strengthen Reading Month enhance the brand image, inviting well-known designer of Reading Month primary visual system, the functional orientation of Reading Month, quality content strengthened in the visual image. To define the quality of the brand, to taste creation of a city, to unite character reader. During the reading month, many well-known writers, cultural scholars will be invited to be a guest in Shenzhen to urban interaction of ideological inspiration wisdom, improve reading tastes, together to create "knowledge carnival." Which, by the public audience favorite "Shenzhen Reading Forum" will be invited Genghua Jun, Li Shuan Branch, Jiang Xiaoyuan, Liu Huajie, Liu Qing and other famous scholars will carry out four games theme to talk about, and extend the brand project, invited Wang Jingsheng, Zhou Guoping, Ge Jianxiong, etc. guests expand a field highlight of the "reading and urban innovation" high-end dialogue. Create "4 all" more innovative features, different organizations with the previous month reading, reading this month due prominence "global, panorama, universal, all-media" campaign features.

  Specifically, the total reading through Hong Kong and Macao to carry out deep Carnival, deep three places were reading and other activities, to strengthen the Bay Area Guangdong, Hong Kong and abroad linkage, so that scholarly radiation national and global reach "global"; held "deep reading space "selection and commuting activities and multimedia multi-media multi-scene communication, show the city cultural space, experience the beauty of Shenzhen beauty and reading, the realization of" panorama "; the" top ten books, "" Top ten Children’s books "selection, cozy reading sleepless night, network literature and science fiction Writers’ week and other activities, taking into account the needs of different groups of people reading, reading promotion activities to promote "universal" coverage; timely dissemination activities, for the entire month of reading, matrixed "all media" to spread. (Reporter Jiao Ziyu) (Editor: Chen Yu column, Li language) share to allow more people to see.