Some brigade in the Tibet Military Region: Commonization Assessment is randomized

Some brigade in the Tibet Military Region: Commonization Assessment is randomized

"No. 1 Tatrace is exposed, immediately transferred to Tu 4 …" Recently, a tour of Tibet Military Region was equipped in a strange waters. The assessment is closely to the actual requirements, and there is an effective inspection of the officers and men’s overseas performance, all regional combat capabilities. "How to play, how to practice.

"The leadership leadership introduced, they focus on the core combat power of the unit, using the field stationary and other timors to carry out full-time period, all region training, and organize officers and men under complex conditions under complex conditions. Training and normalization assessment.

In response to the lack of problems in the training assessment, they set solutions one by one to list detailed plans, and have targeted specialistism, complement the officers and soldiers.

"The road is in front of the road is polluted by chemical toxic toxic and cannot be passed." On the way to the unit, "enemy" suddenly arrived. The anti-chemical professional team immediately finds an advantageous terrain, causing chemical reconnaissance in the upper wind of the attacked road, and rapidly reporting the test results.

Subsequently, washing the team before implementing the road washing, the reconnaissance team once again re-inspected confirmation, the officers quickly passed.

The author saw that the health ambulance was tense in the night, and the equipment was used to change the unloading field … Reference officers and soldiers moved quickly, fit close, quickly dispose of a variety of "enemy", excellent completion tasks. "This assessment does not greet the whole process, randomly, and there are many difficulties, and our actual combat skills have also been effectively inspected." Walking down the examination room, a cadre said.

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