The 16 provinces and districts linkage "100-year journey · Times Huazhang" excellent work collection activities attract attention

The 16 provinces and districts linkage "100-year journey · Times Huazhang" excellent work collection activities attract attention

Participants jointly launched the event.

Chen Yanhui photographed the secretary of the Hebei Provincial Wenlian Parties, and Shi Jianwei, who said in a speech, in the whole party, in-depth study and implementation of the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, the literary and art circles welcomes the 11th Wen Shengshi for the country, Hebei Province Text-term planning organized this collection activity.

Since the initiation of the event, participate in extensive participation, enthusiastic, especially the strong support of 15 provinces (districts, municipal) documents, in particular this time, jointly hosted, will expand the coverage and participation of activities, enhance the authority and impact of activities force. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Weilian Party Group, Vice-Chairman Bao Yinshan and member of the Hubei Provincial Wenlian Party Group, Vice-President Wang Yongping has given a speech.

They believe that the election activity is to adhere to the people-centered creation orientation, with excellent cultural work to meet the people’s spiritual life, and enhance the spiritual strength of the people, will further highlight the spiritual value and educational role of literary works, and cohesive Concentrically build a strong spiritual power of the Chinese dream. Among the activities, the person in charge of the document (district, city), and the artist sent a blessing in the cloud link. Artists from Hebei, Inner Mongolia, and Hubei brought the audience to the Sihe drums, dance and other programs, and the wonderful performance won the applause.

It is understood that the "Hundred Years Journey, Time Huazhang", the election activities of the masses of the people, the election activities of the song, Lu Yi, and dance have been launched on December 3, and the collection of art workers and enthusiasts will continue until January 25, 2022. day. The judge group composed of experts will conduct first review on the collection of literary arts, from the neutral song works, 50 songs and dance works, and recommend it to society. According to the results of the netizens, 20 people loved works and 20 finalists in songs, and 10 people loved works and 10 finalists were selected in the art and dance works.

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