Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Ten Pape 10 Inspection Provincial Party Network Network Office Work Mobilization will be held

Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Ten Pape 10 Inspection Provincial Party Network Network Office Work Mobilization will be held

Zhao Xiaodong emphasized that the inspection is comprehensive from the strict control of the party, and it is the strategic institutional arrangement of the party’s supervision.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It is the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is also the year of the 11th Provincial Party Committee to inspect all coverage. The Provincial Party Network Network Office should improve the political station and understand the connotation requirements for the inspection work of the new era.

A deep understanding of the political, seriousness, and high political consciousness of the provincial party committee, high political consciousness, and actively accept the "political physical examination", unifying thoughts and actions to the party Central Committee and the provincial party committee decision-making deployment, and earnestly fulfilling The subject’s responsibility, enhance the consciousness and firmness of patrol work. It is necessary to stick to political supervision and position, resolutely implement political inspection requirements.

The inspector group will take the new era of socialist socialism in the new era, and control the party rules of the party regulations and policies and party civil decision-making deployments, the party’s central decision-making deployment, and focus on the patrol party to organize functional responsibility, key supervision and inspection of the provincial party committee network office to implement the party The theoretical route policy and the central and provincial government’s major decision-making deployment, implementation of the situation of strict governance of party strategy, implement the organizational route of the new era, implement inspection, audit, etc., "unforgettable, remember the mission The Rectification of theme Education Viewing Problem.

Zhao Xiaodong pointed out that this inspection work is a common political responsibility of the provincial party committee inspection team and the provincial party committee.

The Provincial Party Committee Web Office leadership team and party members and cadres should strengthen their responsibility, and fully support the cooperation of inspections, effectively enhance the consciousness of accepting supervision, and do a good job in coordination, information, service guarantee, epidemic prevention and control, and ensure inspections Ordered is effective.

It is necessary to take the inspection of the inspection, put the rectification work in the inspection process, the problem of looking for yourself before the inspection, you should smell the wind, you must change it; to the problem pointing out in the inspection, to twist the unrestrained, stand up and change; After the problem of post feedback, the research should be co-ordinated and fully rectified. The housing said that this inspection is a comprehensive "political physical examination" for members of the party members, especially the members of the provincial party committee, and is a major decision to implement the Party Central Committee and Provincial Party Committee for nearly three years. The "overall inspection" of the deployment work has fully reflected the attention of the provincial party committee to the work of Neticin and the leadership of the Provincial Committee, and the party members and cadres carefully loved.

The Provincial Party Member, the leadership team and all party members and cadres must stand political highness, deeply understand the significance of inspector, and resolutely support the provincial party committee decision, sincerely welcome the inspection team to enter the inspection, put this inspection as a gap, transform the style , Advancing the important opportunity of high quality development in Net letter, with a distinctive political attitude, high idea, and do not compromise the inspection requirements.

The members of the leader should play a good demonstration role, take the initiative to put themselves in, take the lead to accept supervision, take the lead in obeying discipline, take the lead in reviewing the problem, and resolutely serve, actively cooperate with inspection.

The leadership team must resolutely fulfill the party’s party’s political responsibility, and conscientiously organize the implementation of inspection and rectification tasks, focus on catching, caught in the bottom to ensure that the problem is rectified.

It is necessary to transform the instruction rectification achievement into the powerful power of the network, strengthen the mission, actively actively, and strive to hand over a qualified answer to the provincial party committee, and take a good step for "14th Five-Year Plan". Guan Yuxinchuan and then contribute more network letter strength.

(Sichuan Net Letter Office).